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Your privacy is  important to us.

We want you to know, that cookies and web beacons are used, in this website (http://www.Anubazaar.com), to store,  information about you, like your IP address, your ISP, pages viewed, time spent on the pages, and other information. The purpose of this is to better target and serve the ads. The ads are "interest based", based on the information of the cookies. You have the choice of opting out of, being served cookies.

Cookies and Web Beacons used
Ads are served, in this site, from Google and other third party vendors. These ads uses cookies, to store information about visitors. The information from the cookies are used to serve ads,  based on the visitors prior visits to this website.
Google uses the, DoubleClick DART cookie, which uses information from a visitor's prior visit to this website, or any other website in the internet. And based on the information, ads are served, by Google and its partners.

Opting out
You can opt out, of the use of the DoubleClick DART cookie, by going to the following link, and  clicking on the opt out button. http://www.google.co.uk/privacy/ads/  

You could also opt out, of the use of third party cookies, by going to the following link, and clicking on the opt out button.

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