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This website (http://www.Anubazaar.com) collects data, in the webserver logs.

The data are usually the ip addresses, from which this website was accessed, the url accessed, the referring url, the user agent or the browser type and operation system of the user and similar data found in the webserver log files.

These data are used for analysis and creating reports, about visitors in general.

There are NO personal information collected, like, name, address, email, telephone number etc.

The only information collected in this website, are those that are found in typical webserver logs.

Affiliate Links on the website

This website has many affiliate links on it, as it participates in the affiliate program of the ShareAsale network, as an affiliate of merchants in that network. ShareAsale is part of Awin. Their privacy policy can be found HERE.

If you click on any affiliate link, for the purpose of buying the product or otherwise, a cookie would be downloaded to your computer or device, to track any sales and commisions. You will not have to pay extra due to the commision. More information on the cookies can be found in the privacy policy of Awin HERE.
Information on opting out, can also be found in their privacy policy.

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