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Is Search engine submission still relevant?

Author: JayaKumar Patchala

A quick answer is, search engine submission is not worth anything. There are hundreds of search engines, but the top 5 occupied 95% of the search market. The other search engines are there for counting. They produce little or no traffic. Therefore, to get traffic worth mentioning, a website needs to be listed in the top five search engines. However, they do not like people submitting websites to them directly. They like to discover websites by themselves. Therefore, search engine submission is often useless.

Then, why people are after search engine submission? Ignorance. I paid about hundred dollars for search engine submission packages and featured listings for my first website. People know that search engines send traffic. They eagerly hire someone or buy a search engine submission package and wait for visitors to flow in. But that never happens. Why? When you submit your website to a search engine directly, your website is put in a queue. After a few days, it is crawled and after a few weeks, it is indexed. If you did some keyword research and has taken care of SEO while writing your content, there could be some positive result. Else being indexed by a search engine is no big deal. The real benefit lies in letting a search engine to find your site.

How do you announce your website without submitting URL to search engines? It is quite easy and in fact, your site is indexed faster than by doing search engine submission. Find an active websites, forums, blogs, bookmarking sites (with a high page rank) relevant to the topic of your website and drop your link there. If it is difficult to find such places, simply go to sites such as mylot.com, find relevant discussions, and post a message with a link to your website. Your website is crawled and indexed quickly by all major search engines because it is linked from a prominent website. Another simple way to be indexed quickly is by subscribing to webmaster tools or analytics programs offered by major search engines. You put those tags on your web pages and your site is crawled within a few days. Both these methods give much quicker results than search engine submission.

If one good link from a prominent website can attract search engines to your website, just imagine the effect of having hundreds of such links. That is why building links are very important than relying on search engine submission. Once links pointing to your website began to appear at other websites, search engines count them as a vote for your website. The simplest and cheapest way to get links is submitting your site to link directories. Often people mistake this for search engine submission. For a new website, link directory submissions can get some valuable links. If you can afford, consider advanced link building options that can exploit web 2.0 social media features to attract visitors both directly and from search engines.

To conclude, search engine submission belongs to a bygone era when there were a handful of websites. With thousands of new websites going live each day and old websites growing in size, search engines have low priority for a websites submitted directly. Therefore, linking from a prominent sites can get your site crawled and indexed quickly.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/link-popularity-articles/

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