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What Is Black Hat Search Engine Optimization?

Author: Aya Wilkinson

If you have gotten to the point of asking what Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is then you already know the purpose of SEO and SEO Consultants. Now it's important to know what are Black Hat techniques. It's a strategy used to get more traffic to a web site using unethical techniques. In the past what is now known as Black Hat techniques were once approved ways Search Engine Optimization, however, they have been taken overboard and have started using deception. By using this technique a web site will get high ranking however it is short-lived as sites using such deceptive techniques is quickly removed from the search engine.

When creating a web site and trying to use Search Engine Optimization or have hired a SEO Consultant to assist you with your web site make sure you avoid certain techniques that could possibly get your web site removed. Also, by using Black Hat techniques your web site will get negative reviews over time, along with your company, even after your site has been removed from the search engine. Make sure that you use the correct techniques to get extra traffic to your site. There are several that you must avoid such as:

The technique that you or your SEO Consultant must avoid is the usage of too many unnecessary keywords in your site will get the attention of search engines. Such use of keywords can be either by posting just lists on the site and nothing else. This will do nothing more than create problems to you and your web site, there are ways of Search Engine Optimization that you can use in order to increase traffic to your web site, and creative ways of using the necessary keywords in texts without attracting the negative attention.

The second that Black Hat Search Engine Optimization technique that you or your SEO Consultant should keep in mind is that you still can't keyword stuff, as mentioned above using unnecessary keywords or keyword lists, even if they are invisible. Some sites create invisible text, such as white words and white background, in order to attract search engine spiders, which are basically search engine crawlers, as well as searchers. Keep in mind it's the same as Keyword Stuffing, even if you don't see the words. This will eventually lead to the web site being removed.

Lastly, there are the doorway pages. This Search Engine Optimization technique is primarily used to attract search engines and search engine spiders in order to get higher ranking. Once they have been ranked higher and a searcher clicks on them they are directed to a different page from what the search engine or spider has ranked higher. These pages can see the difference from a search engine or spider searching for it or a human. However, at this point search engine spiders have better intuition and either ignore or remove websites with doorway pages. So make sure that the SEO Consultant that you use for your web site doesn't use this technique as there's a good chance your site will not even be listed in a search engine.

As tempting as Black Hat Search Engine Optimization no one profits from it long term and many don't at all. Yes, for a short period of time your site will be highly ranked, until not only do you lose the customers to your web site and company, but eventually get your web site removed altogether. It's not worth the risk or time it takes to create. There are honest and White Hat ways that you or your SEO Consultant can optimize and bring up the ranking of your web site.

The main and most important step to good Search Engine Optimization is understanding the process and of course understanding your customers and the viewers you want to attract to your web site. Another way is getting a professional SEO Consultant as they know the proper techniques and approved ways of optimizing your web site. If you are doing this yourself and not using a consultant, make sure that you gather the correct keywords, and properly input them into the content of your web site, as not to impose spamming. Also, learn to use title tags, description Meta tags, as well as learn how to use keywords and phrases in your content and source code. It's important that you learn the White Hat Optimization techniques which are approved and non deceitful.

Overall, it's not in your best interest to use Black Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques s they will most likely get your web site removed. Also, it's not a long-term guarantee, therefore completely useless. Learn White Hat techniques or make sure that your SEO Consultant uses them in order to get the best out of your web site and your search engine optimization.

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