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SEO Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Versus Advertising Pay Per Click

Author: Dr Mark Yates

Let me cut to the quick. In the UK we have now officially entered the longest recession in recorded history.

Businesses are going bust at an alarming rate and every savvy business owner wants to maximise their search engine optimisation marketing and their advertising pay per click spend.

Many have approached me for my SEO opinion on how to integrate pay per click marketing and new seo into an effective business marketing campaign.

The most recent request came from a business director who was frustrated at paying for both search engine optimisation marketing and a separate advertising pay per click sales campaign.

He expressed his frustration at paying an SEO consultant and a separate pay per click online company.

His initial frustration stemmed from the fact he believed only fifty percent of his advertising and marketing spend was producing results, but he could not identify which 50%.

Many years ago this frustration was documented as a famous quotation from Henry Ford the founder owner of the Ford Motor Company. He stated, "I know 50% of my marketing works, I just don't know which 50% it is."

Back to the present and our business director. He was equally frustrated that despite paying tens of thousands of pounds over a period of time for a pay per click online service. His pay per click marketing specialists had been unable to identify the magical pay per click formula.

It's worth mentioning right off the bat, that there is no such concept as a magic pay per click formula.

If there was,then every business owner serviced by SEO consultants and every search engine optimisation marketing and advertising pay per click business marketing campaign would be a super success. And yet they are not.

There are way too many external factors which dictate the success or failure of any pay per click campaign or new SEO marketing campaign.

Search engines are by definition organic businesses, and as such they move the goal posts on a frequent basis.

I admit to being just as frustrated as every other search engine optimisation marketing company when search engines like Google change their algorithms and spin business owners off hot on the heels of a new seo business marketing campaign.

Despite some pay per click online specialists stating the internet has peaked, they are wrong.I listened to a well respected SEO consultant advising an audience that the internet has nowhere near peaked, and that the very best is still yet to come.

We are only in internet infancy, and as such very few business owners are harnessing the power of online sales and marketing strategies to promote their business and increase their sales.

One of the main reasons why many business owners are failing to embrace search engine optimisation marketing and advertising pay per click,is because they don't understand how to integrate these powerful sales strategies into a dynamic online business marketing campaign.

Many openly admit to being baffled by the internet and the techno babble utilised by SEO and pay per click marketing specialists.

When in reality producing the pay per click formula for a pay per click campaign is a relatively simple exercise, which can be tracked every step of the way by utilising available online analytics.

One of the greatest issues I face, is that many specialists from search engine optimisation marketing and advertising pay per click companies separate these two business sectors.

Generally because they, or their company specialise in one or the other, and not both of these business sectors.

Make no mistake, these two business sectors are as different as chalk and cheese. I have lost count of the number of times I have witnessed a pay per click specialist try to grab extra revenue from a business owner by offering their expertise in natural or organic search engine optimisation skills, only to fail miserably.

It's a two way track, as I've also witnessed SEO specialists fail miserably at producing and managing pay per click campaigns.

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, there are a few specialists who are able to produce proven success stories by combining both search engine optimisation marketing and advertising pay per click into one short to long term business marketing campaign.

The problem is these specialists as so far and few between, that they command top rates of pay, and are usually snapped up by some of the major corporate SEO companies.

Given I've already mentioned the internet is an organic concept, this means that nothing is written in stone.

So I guess the best way to explain the title of this article; SEO Search Engine Optimisation Marketing Versus Advertising Pay Per Click is to highlight a question sent in to me recently by the business director mentioned earlier in this article.

Of course I'll also include our answers.

For the attention of the SEO consultant.

Question: "Many companies offer online services to business owners to achieve a good position in Google search engine optimisation marketing listing. But they charge a fortune, and usually want to tie you into a 1 to 3 year contract for natural SEO services. I would have thought that the easiest, most reliable and cheapest way, was Adwords. I should be wrong. Could you tell me why?"

Answer: Google Adwords may be an easy option. However in my experience of assisting high income generation e-commerce web site owners, it is far from reliable or cheap.

I suggest you conduct some online research before diving into a pay per click campaign as your sole online marketing campaign, because as well as many positives, there are definite downsides to paying for a Pay Per Click Adwords online marketing campaign. i.e.

1: Your pay per click campaign adverts only appear for the length of time your budget allocates.

2: Your pay per click marketing listings may only appear during specific time frames of the day depending on your budget.

3: You are in fierce competition for the highest place advertising pay per click listing.

4: Your Adwords PPC campaigns have no further battery life other than when they appear, until your budget runs out.

5: This means there is no medium to long term residual value in a pay per click marketing PPC campaign.

6: You can never get an exact or true analysis of your advertising pay per click PPC Adwords campaign because it is wide open to competitor fraud.

7: Online buyers are 4 to 6 times more likely to buy from a business or company who place on the left side of search engine pages like Google. This is the natural or organic search engine optimisation marketing listing which customers have more confidence in.

8: Any natural search engine optimisation marketing listing has ongoing residual benefits as this type of listing is not removed online when a budget expires.

9: Most new SEO specialists advise that a natural organic search engine optimisation marketing listing on Google & other search engines has a natural battery life of approximately 4 years.

10: Utilising the right online new SEO specialists and implementing new SEO can sometimes help you or your business achieve search engine domination of 1st page listings.

In my professional business opinion, one should not look to have SEO and PPC competing in any marketing campaign.

I find there is great business synergy to be gained from fusing both SEO and PPC into a long term combined online business marketing campaign.

I generally consider PPC to be the short to medium segment of my marketing campaign, and natural SEO as the medium to long term segment of the same business marketing campaign.

There are many new new SEO tactics which are just entering the online marketing sector like pay per results and natural search engine listing domination.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/

About the Author

Dr. Mark D. Yates The International Business Guru & Growth Consultant grows businesses fast delivering exponential growth, increased turnover & profit margins. He delivers business support to small, medium & large businesses in 42 countries. To claim his FREE business case files e-mail him at drmarkdyates@aol.com


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