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Improving Your Quality Score in Google AdWords Campaign

Author: YC Ng

You have to understand what quality score means in a Google AdWords campaign. You can reduce cost whole gaining tremendous online publicity and presence for your business when you are able to improve your quality score in an AdWords campaign.

Defining What Quality Score Is

In an AdWords campaign, quality score is the score anywhere from 1 to 10 that rates the popularity and effectiveness of your keywords. A score of 1 is the lowest you can get while at the opposite end of the spectrum, 10 represents that quality score that every business strives hard to achieve.

How Quality Score Works

Each AdWords campaign launched by businesses is presumed to be built around keywords that businesses find relevant for their respective campaigns. By and large, quality score rates the relevance of the keywords you have chosen to use for your AdWords campaigns to the page that your ads appear and how your ads are sending the users to.

Logically, the higher the relevance of your keywords or your AdWords is, the higher your quality score can shoot.

How to Improve Your Quality Score

In improving your quality score in Google AdWords campaign, you have to build your web pages consistently. All the pages should be optimized with the keywords that you have chosen carefully. You also need to make sure that the keywords are used relevantly in producing web pages that are substantial and useful to your target market.

A useful tip is to include the keywords in your web address or URL, headings, as well as in your advertisement descriptions. You have to make sure that with your keywords, the traffic that you earn to your site can actually find your product or service useful and relevant to their needs and wants.

When you have an improved quality score in your Google AdWords campaign, you can start to spend less for paying per click and earn a favorable to top position in the search engine results. Aim to shoot your AdWords campaigns high and enjoy all the benefits in launching successful AdWords campaigns with high quality scores now.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/sem-articles/

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