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Will Google real time search result affect SEO sites ranking?

Author: seojoy

Recently Google launched the "real time search" concept, which is one of the most highly impressive searching techniques that one could ever use. The basic perception behind this searching technique is that the Google search engine constantly keeps updating the search results while there is stuff happening around on the Internet. This is basically the addition of a real time component that is used to update the result page with the arrival of new information on the net.

What does "real time" mean?

Now when it comes to focusing on the point of real time search results and SEO rankings, one can say that there won't be any major effect by the former on the latter. The Google SEO ranking basically depends on how optimized your website is on any given search engine, in this case Google, and how easily "visible" it is on the same. With the real time searching technique, the only thing which would become evident is the "targeting" of traffic towards a given website through the process of keyword stuffing.

Effect on SEO Rankings

The only benefit that the real time search result would have on the Google SEO ranking is that it would improve on the criteria of targeting users through the medium of keyword stuffing. This means that a person who is surfing on the net can end up on a given website, but might not find anything useful on it. Therefore one can rightly say that the Google real time search result would have a "minimal" effect on the SEO rankings.

What does the Future hold?

With the day by day evolving technology and newer concept on the Internet coming out almost every other day, the future with respect to the real time search techniques and the SEO rankings seems to be heading in a positive direction. This concept might not have any major effect on the search engine optimization as of today, but surely in the future with the better analyzing and planned keyword mapping, something great is in store.

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