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Search Engine Marketing:Trends and Predictions

Author: jackadams

Ever since the concept of online business has arrived, it is evident that advertisers have approached for an extensive online marketing for business promotion and sales. Considering the view point of online marketing, there have been various trends in experimenting the different types of marketing methods and its application in deriving the right kind of results in online business. One of the major online marketing methods is Search Engine Marketing, which has marked its application deeply into the roots of online business. SEM shows a great impact on sales and has the potential to promote products and services of many online advertisers. Thus it is considered as the need of the online hour. Now coming to the point of what exactly Search Engine Marketing is all about. Let's know the facts and facets of SEM through its online journey.

Search Engine Marketing is an online marketing mix of dual process which includes Search Engine Optimization and Paid search marketing. SEM is a process of gaining quality traffic through either organic optimization or purchasing ads on search engines on CPC and PPC basis. Gaining traffic through search engine optimization efforts is quiet time consuming and even show late results where as SEM is a quick to action marketing method of improving sales and promotion of the online business. SEM also called as paid search marketing consists of Cost per Click model and Pay per click model of marketing to generate sales.

Search Engine Marketing as a process requires time, hard work, expertise and thorough analysis of the online business. It shows quick results and gets your site prominence displayed in bolded text as special listings. More over it is not required in SEM to optimize site for different search engines, you can get traffic from any search engine. Because a website presence does not end its purpose until it is viewed and the products displayed on it get sales through online orders. SEM is the most powerful medium of online marketing to increases traffic and sales volume.

For any online business, which plan to implement SEM methodology, it requires an in-depth analysis and planning for usage of potentials of SEM irrespective of business size, nature and scope. With moving times and technologies, the trends in online marketing had tremendous impact on the SEM also.

Moving Trends in SEM in 2010 and its reflections in 2011

According to major SEM players and analysts in online marketing, Cost per Click model of marketing has seen an increasing percentage in its usage and its effect rate has been increasing on monthly basis in positive manner and is expected to continue to increase though at a slower pace in 2011. The cross channel optimization is expected to be growing even more importance with the usage of social media marketing. The various social networks like Face Book and Twitter used in marketing for site promotion is creating a cross channel reporting and optimization is becoming imperative. With Bing and Yahoo integration, there seems to be a short term market loss for reasons like low quality yahoo traffic subsidized with high quality Bing traffic, secondly with advertisers not paying much importance to Bing Campaigns initially end up in serving their Yahoo-Bing traffic through ad center and with major difference in Yahoo-Bing algorithm. However the trend is going to change by improving the quality of Bing Campaigns and with Microsoft recent announcement of merging social data with search results will help Bing continue to gain market share.

The online business is going to face a new phase of customers approach. Customer are turning to be more smarter and bargain centric, they are presently not interested to just hit one ad and go for sale, they indeed are interested to know what exactly the online portals are offering in the same stream lines and compare and buy the products according to their choice and comfort. Mobile E-commerce is on its way and going to hit the market next year.

However, you need to plan for increasing competitive marketing marketplace, concentrate on Bing campaigns, usage of Adwords platform via mobile and also make prominent cross channel optimization if you need to be perfectly marketing online business through SEM. As it is the need of the online hour.

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The overall process of search engine marketing is not just marketing the site but also making aware of the products to the potential customer. Have a look at our internet marketing services and build your business.

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