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Why Search Engine Optimization is so Growing

Author: Sushil Verma

Search Engine Optimization is a part of Internet Marketing. In present time every man wants business through the Internet, because it is very low cost way of advertising and attracting customers. At present time any person who wants any thing, he only goes to search Engine and type his query in search engine in this case who is on top in search engine will get the business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very new and interesting field at present time. Search Engine Optimization is a strategy and tactics by which we improve ranking of our website in various search engines. SEO is work of passion because it takes time. There are mainly two parts of SEO:

1. On page Search Engine Optimization
2. Off Page Search Engine Optimization

On page Search Engine Optimization:
On page Search Engine Optimization is very important part of the SEO. It contains lots of things. It is also known as Website Optimization. In on page optimization make the changes in website to make it search engine friendly. So that Spider and indexer of Search Engines crawl it easily. Most of promotion of our site depends on On-Page Optimization.
Few on page Search Engine Optimization Factors, which are very important:

1. Keywords:
Keywords can be a single word or phrase. Keyword Research is very important part of On Page optimization. All traffic depends on it. So it should be done very carefully.

2. Metatags:
It contains three parts Title, Description and Keywords.

3. Keyword Density:
Keyword Density shows how many times your keywords are repeated in your content in natural way

4. Link Optimization:
It is important to optimize your internal & external links for search engines as well as to give visitors a better navigation in website.

5. Navigational Links:
Generally Navigational Links are used at the top of the web page, so the user can go directly on the desired page.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization:
Off Page Search Engine Optimization is done to increasing the back links of our site. It’s very time consuming process but it is also very important part of SEO. There are few very common work of Off Page Search Engine Optimization.

1. Directory Submission:
2. Article Submission
3. Press Release Submission
4. Blogging
5. Blog Comments
6. Forum Discussion

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial is a platform where we can learn SEO. We can get information related to Search Engine Optimization, on page Search Engine Optimization and Off Page Search Engine Optimization.

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Sushil Kumar Verma
SEO Expert
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