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The Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing

Author: Joshua Robertson

The Basics

In the past, the marketing plan was restricted to a few forms of media. These techniques often required paying hefty sums to top-down gatekeepers. As a result, marketing campaigns could become very expensive. However, these media formats contained very little infrastructure for targeting ideal consumers.

However, the rise of the internet and e-commerce unleashed a new paradigm on the marketing community. While web marketing encompasses a number of different powerful strategies, search engine marketing (SEM) has become one of the most important tools for growing a brand. Several effective techniques can be used to connect a web presence to a specific keyword. In a sense, this allows companies to connect products and services to specific ideas. While each keyword choice will generate different results, the marketer is free to experiment with a broad set of terms that might attract a very specific type of consumer. This is vastly superior to the very limited targeting options that were used in older media formats.

Essentially, search engine marketing is the promotion of a web presence in various search engines. The broad goal is to generate relevant web traffic. The narrow goal is to produce associations between a brand and specific ideas. This allows consumers to connect a product or service to a specific thought. On the balance, this helps companies solve specific problems for the consumer.

Understanding Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a content-driven method for improving the ranking of a website in search engines. While this process generates a good return on the marketing investment, it can be one of the more time invested methods. Essentially, the web presence is fine tuned to provide meaningful content that relates to the targeted keywords. This takes some serious experimentation with the actual content on the site. Different keywords, back links, and text subjects must be tried to find the perfect blend that generates top results on the search engines. However, these organic links are very attractive to consumers. There is a level of trust associated with compelling content. Some organic search engine optimization campaigns will involve purchasing external marketing that increases back links to the web site, which will help increase search engine rankings.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing specifically refers to a marketing strategy that many websites use when buying advertising. Essentially, the company only pays for the advertising that actually gets clicked on. The marketer exclusively pays for impressions that generate a click. There are pay- per-click (PPC) search engines that allow brands to associate with keywords. The advertiser simply pays a rate per click, and impressions are generated alongside specific search terms.

Video SEO

Viral videos are very popular. There are strategies that allow brands to generate traffic through videos on video hosting websites. Video search engine optimization (VSEO) allows a company to promote a video on a website. These results also have a higher probability of appearing on search engines like Google. With a viral video, a brand can use compelling video content to associate with specific keywords.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, search engine marketing works like a global telephone book on steroids. Rather than searching for a specific company on demand, consumers are presented with websites in connection to thoughts and searches. Competitive companies in today's marketing mix should employ an aggressive and comprehensive search engine marketing campaign.

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About the Author

Joshua Robertson is a freelance technical writer that enjoys sharing his knowledge about SEO and search engine marketing


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