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Search Engine Marketing a Must to Make Money if You are an Affiliate

Author: Antony Babington

There are numerous reasons to start your own business and work from home, but generally it is because people get fed up with 9-5 jobs, they want to have more money, and the freedom to work part time appeals to most.

However there is much to be considered, such as the various business opportunities available, webdesign, looking for a good affiliate program that offers a good rate of commission, branding, advertising, before you finally start to earn money and can count the pounds or dollars.

Many consider Adsense as free money because people click on the advertising links on your page and you get paid, but your business will not succeed unless people can find your website. Marketing is the most important factor, as its no good having excellent affiliate programs for your Internet business unless you market it in as many ways as possible, especially if you are hoping to get rich.

So before even considering online advertising, email marketing and other forms of e marketing for your home business, it is wise to make sure your website is visible to the search engines. This means optimizing your website and submitting it to them. Here’s how:

First check out the competition by taking a look at the web pages that rank in the top 10 on Google for targeted keywords, and take a look to see what they have done to get these rankings.

View the page source code to analyze keywords and their density, look at the Meta tags, the title, and comment and alt tags. Does this website have many sites linking to them? Check out the popularity of these links.

If your website content needs improving, do this and check that your Meta tags relate to what is written on the page. It is also necessary to choose the right keywords without using the same ones that are in the description tag. Overture and WordTracker are excellent tools to help you find the best keywords.

The most important tag used by search engines is the title tag, which should be descriptive, yet short and to the point, about fourteen words. The description tag describes the content in your web page and should be no longer than one hundred and twenty characters.

When creating your keyword tag use the five most important keywords or phrases that represent your website, and separate them with a comma. You next need to create a robot text like this - Meta name=googlebot content=index, follow>

Before submitting your website to the search engines check to make sure you have no errors or broken links, no spelling mistakes and that the design is good. It is also important to have a sitemap.

You are now ready to submit to the most important search engines, namely Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, all the web, Jayde, Alexa, Open directory and whatuseek.

With this completed you can start building your link popularity by creating reciprocal or non reciprocal links to related websites, blogs, forums and Internet directories. You have taken the first and most important steps to promote your home based business with search engine marketing.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/sem-articles/

About the Author

Tony Babington is an author, Internet marketer and entrepreneur.

He earns more than 7,000 per month online creating automated income streams.

If you want to copy this method exactly- full details http://www.onlinesuccesssecrets.co.uk

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