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Which Is Better, Article Marketing Or PPC?

Author: Benjamin Bradley

Which Is Better, Article Marketing or PPC?

Article Marketing or PPC?

Less filling…Tastes Great? Just like the debate in the beer commercial years ago, this one will surely last quite a while. That being the case, please allow me to put in my two cents.

After reading this article, I hope you will see why article marketing is a more viable tool for those new to internet marketing, or those who have been around a while, but have been continuously frustrated by ever changing rules and technology.

• Article marketing allows me a competitive advantage because I am willing to do what others won't. The decision between article marketing or PPC starts out in favor of PPC, simply because of the amount of effort necessary to start a campaign.

There are many steps in getting an article published, as opposed to starting a PPC campaign. There is research, formatting, keywords, and distribution of the completed project. This seems like a daunting task for most, which weeds out quite a bit of competition from the top.

Article marketing is not buying a PLR piece and republishing it. It is not plagiarizing someone else's work and republishing it either.

Have I helped make your mind up between article marketing and PPC? Well hang on there's more.

For those who aren't discouraged, let your heart not be troubled. All these ‘steps' in article marketing are easily learned and mastered. Once learned and mastered, the rewards are plentiful. That is if you like affiliate checks and sales.

So the fact that I am willing to learn the process of article marketing the right way, has given me a huge competitive advantage. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt where I stand on article marketing or PPC. Most people are too lazy to learn it, and take a shot at PPC instead.

• PPC involves factors out of my control Think about it. You are constantly chasing keywords. If you find a profitable one, chances are others have too. When more people bid on it, the price gets driven higher, until it is no longer profitable. Then on to the next one.

I will admit, there are folks like Jim Yaghi out there who are PPC masters. But for the average Joe, this is how PPC happens, unless you have $2,000 to give Jim Yaghi for training. By the way, if you've got two grand, that would be a worthwhile investment.

Have you still not made up your mind between article marketing or PPC? The one common denominator in successful internet marketers is a list. Here's where things get separated in my opinion.

Typically, PPC users are not building a list. The ads are driving traffic to a salespage. In order to keep bidding, you must be making money. How costly would it be to pay to send people to a landing page to get them to opt in, …then get them to buy?

A way around this is to have a low priced front end product. Problem is, how many low end products must you sell to keep up with the cost of bidding on keywords? The bottom line is this, if you have a bankroll and a solid knowledge of PPC, from Google algorhythms, to copywriting then go for it.

The point I am making here, is for those who need to know a way to build a list to profit from online, need to know the difference between article marketing or PPC from a competitive standpoint and a financial standpoint.

Novice PPC users, lose their shirt.

Novice article marketers write shitty articles.

I was able to recover financially from a few shitty articles. So what will it be? Article marketing or PPC?

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/article-marketing-articles/

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