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PPC Campaign Management – What is it & How Does it Work?

Author: peter elixir

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising involves the purchasing of sponsored links on different search engine results pages. Many SEM agencies employ PPC campaign management to assist their clients in getting more web traffic. PPC involves paying only when someone clicks on your ad, bringing the viewer to your website.

There are many benefits of an SEM agency taking on the responsibility of PPC campaign management:

  1. Speed: PPC listings can be launched much quicker than organic SEO methods. Those in charge of PPC campaign management will find that they don't have to wait for search engines' spiders to perform an in-depth analysis of their website.
  2. Return on investment: SEM agencies will find that it's easy to employ PPC campaign management, as it can be tracked very easily and extensively. Various data including cost-per-conversion can be reported to those in charge of PPC campaign management efficiently and quickly.
  3. Reach: SEM agencies quite often turn to PPC because it helps bring more traffic to their websites. In fact, PPC campaign management is more even more helpful for those companies that have very competitive search phrases.
  4. Experimenting: With PPC campaign management, companies can experiment while researching potential search phrases. This way, SEM agencies don't have to worry about optimizing the entire site to test a phrase out—instead, they can turn to PPC campaign management.

So what's the downside of PPC campaign management? The only two drawbacks are longevity and cost. Unfortunately, PPC traffic will only last while you pay for it, unlike website optimization. Furthermore, those PPC keywords or search phrases that are particularly competitive will certainly be more expensive. However, PPC campaign management can be particularly beneficial if you follow the following tips:

  • Consult with your SEM agency and begin with a clear keyword strategy. Employ keyword analysis in order to help you make the decision of which keywords to bid for with PPC and which ones to optimize for.
  • Experiment! As mentioned above, PPC campaign management is particularly beneficial as it gives you the opportunity to test out various keywords and search phrases.

While many see optimizing websites as the optimal way to bring in more traffic, more and more SEM agencies are beginning to appreciate the benefits of PPC campaign management.

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About the Author

Parker elixir specializes in PPC Campaign Management strategies for medium and small businesses. He has developed many successful Internet marketing initiatives for high-profile clients.

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