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How to Increase Your PPC Advertising Revenue

Author: Roy M. Sencio

Pay per click advertising is online advertising where the payment is made on the basis of number of qualified 'click-through' of the PPC advertised. The advertiser pays for every single click that gets link to his site as per pre-agreement. PPC advertising is often seen in the sidebars of all search engine and websites. For this the business owners have to sign up with the search engines and websites to advertise on certain search pages. This form of advertisement can prove to swell up bottom line incredibly when targeted correctly.

Key Strategies:

In the rat-race of highly creative PPC campaigns, it has become delicate to run PPC advertising services. The keys behind the success are the right advertisement, on the right search page, at right time under right PPC program and management. There are some common and simple strategies which make the PPC advertisement effective and help to earn higher revenue, such as:

Generally people search for different related keywords. So, a landing page is to be developed for every single PPC online advertisement. There are some word and phrases, generally called 'powered word' or 'action word' like 'click here', 'call now', ‘Know more' etc., should be used.

Most searched or extended phrases should be targeted.

One should always try to avoid 'trademark phrases' which might create legal problems.

People generally are attracted by the object which is moving. So, one should try to give performing ads. In this regard animated gif image and flash animated advertisements has been seen to be very useful.

Conversion rate should be checked regularly.

PPC Conversion Tracking:

This is a method of measure of one's Return on investment (ROI) on his pay per click campaigns. One can know easily the number of sales or leads his website is generating while running the PPC campaign, but with the PPC conversion tracking, he will be able to trace each sales or lead to a specific keyword, ad group and campaign. This information helps one to make decisions on PPC budget and optimize the PPC campaigns. In this context it is to be noted that a conversion can be a sale or it can be an action performed by the visitor which is desired through the website and which can be measured and analyzed. By PPC tracking one comes to know the keyword and phrases which are responsible for most of the conversion performed by the visitors. So, he can arrange bidding for those keywords among the businessmen and can make a profit. On the other hand, he can discard the keywords which bring visitors but not lead to the intended conversion. There are a number of PPC tracking software available in the market today

Today e-commerce has been extremely popular due to its certain benefits to both merchant and customer. So one can advertise for different organizations and make profit along with providing other services. But care should be taken to efficiently manage the PPC campaigns.

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