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How To Quickly Improve Your Ppc Marketing Roi

Author: Kenrick Callwood

PPC marketing as we know it has died. With the large number of "Google Slaps" and the inability to effectively target customers with any kind of laser accuracy, many people have decided to give up on the strategy of PPC marketing. Until Facebook decided to set up its PPC system and included demographic targeting as part of the structure. The old rules of PPC still apply to a certain extent. You have to do your keyword researches to zero in on active niches. However, you now have the ability to search for groups and fan pages directly related to these searches in order to further evaluate the activity levels of these niches. There are dozens of ways to take advantage of this powerful new system, but you can't completely give up on the traditional avenues. Most people have forgotten the basics of how to effectively do PPC marketing. Affiliate marketing through PPC doesn't have to be dificult. If you can apply these four simple ideas to your marketing efforts, you will start to see immediate gains in your return on investment.

1) PPC marketing is all about position. That is not news to anyone. But, what most people don't forget is just how much difference there is in terms of clickthrough or CTR between the first and fifth positions. Not surprisingly, it is a big one. The real shocker though is the difference between position four and five. Position 5 gets about .90% of CTR while position 4 gets 1.96%. That means that raising your position by one can double your visitors. How do you improve your position? One option is to pay more, but that wouldn't make sense because you would just be paying more so the ROI would not change. The best way would be to improve your ad relevancy. That simply means writing ads that give your customers exactly what they are searching for. If they want latex gloves, don't write an ad about gloves in general.

2) After your position improves, your PPC marketing efforts must be centered around your conversion rate. We can't control what the product landing pages look like, so we need to create our own pages that mimick the exact search terms used to return our ads. That means being as specific as possible and creating laser targeted content that lets customers know they have found the right site. A simple jump from 1% to 2% is huge when you are dealing with affiliate products that have a high payout. If you leverage unique content and give them a personal recommendation as an "informed expert" or "credible source", your conversions can't help but improve.

3) Getting and giving lifetime value with each visitor is a critical part of successful PPC marketing campaigns. That means that our custom pages must have a way to capture visitor info for autoresponder campaigns at a later date. Once you have established yourself as an authority with valuable content, your customers will have no problem buying future products from you. Just imagine what it could mean for your cashflow if you could get an average of $30 from each contact on your list over the course of the year.

4) With demographic PPC marketing, Facebook has obliterated one of the main causes of failure of PPC campaigns, ineffective targeting of the niche market. That makes it much easier for people to succeed with their PPC campaigns. Demographic targeting laser focuses PPC markting campaigns to only appear on the Facebook pages of people who are classified as part of their target market. Marketers can select from a number of variables such as age, gender, marital status, geographical location, hobbies and interests. Ads with this level of targeting make copy writing a much easier process. Laser targeted clicks that get people to your sales pages means potential buyers that know exactly what they want and have a strong, documented interest in your niche.

These basic concepts are more powerful than you think. This all means nothing if you can't produce a large number of targeted sites and their corresponding ads. Effective PPC marketing campaigns and power marketers employ systems to efficiently spend their time and maximize the leverage of their efforts. Be sure to look for tools and other information that will hone your skills and make the most of your investments.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/

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