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PPC Management: the Structure and Its Process

Author: Sanjeev Pandey

PPC advertising is fast coming up of age. It is one of the most sought after online promotional campaign. PPC management is the process of managing your every bid for successful generation of profitable leads. This involves clear cut procedures for monitoring the conversion ratio of your site visitors besides keeping the required checks on click-fraud practices. With a continuous analysis of the ongoing PPC campaigns, one can get a clear picture of the progress which further would help in suggesting necessary improvements for the same. These are some of the concomitant processes involved in the PPC management.

In a PPC Ads campaign, you are required to pay some amount for every click that you receive through the searchers. And it’s based on the bids that you have won for the specific keywords – you get your site listed in “sponsored listing” at the first page of the search results itself. The PPC campaign is designed solely to increase traffic and finally increase ROI. Bidding gets competitive for the most sought after keywords or the phrases. And its important to bid it wisely. A Good PPC management service provider can do the same.

The process of PPC management comprises the following:

*PPC account setup: this can be done in any of the PPC search engines such as Google, yahoo, MSN, etc.

*PPC keyword research: Keywords and key phrases form the basis of PPC management. With an extensive PPC keyword research one gets a fair idea of which is the most sought after keywords/key phrases. The keyword research is also about getting your own list of keywords that you deem right – the one which can ultimately help you connect with your potential customers. There are various advanced PPC keyword tools such as Google Ad words keyword tools. Keyword discovers, word tracker and overture keyword selector tools are some of the most used keywords research tools.

*Creative Ads development: Your site getting listed in sponsored listing will not make any sense if you don't have a good Ad. Reason – others will have the same. So this is another important part of the PPC management since its through this Ad content that you would finally communicate. A good, creative Ad can make the difference to captivate the searchers to click on your site rather than scores beside you.

*PPC bid management: You certainly wouldn't like to pay more for something that doesn't pay back. In fact PPC bid management is all about that. It helps you bid intelligibly for specific keywords. It also helps you balance various costs among terms, Ads and campaigns. The whole idea behind PPC bid management is to bring a balance between optimum keyword ad placement and the cost per click.

*Landing page identification: Landing page is the page where the user will be transferred to once they click your Ad. And this is the key factor that actually decides the conversion rates of your visitors into potential customers. It is important to connect with your visitors and try to convince them why they did the right thing by clicking your Ad. You will have just seconds to convince the same. Hence A good Landing page – that can enrich the visitors Internet experience can probably interest them to give thoughts about the reliability of your site and sticking to it for a little longer duration.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/

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Seo company India: Sanjeev Pandey is associated with kneoteric for pay per click services, internet marketing, seo services related activities.

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