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A Great Marketing Method Part 2 Pay per Click or PPC

Author: Don Borek

The first thing that must be said is that targeted traffic is probably the biggest key to the success of you and your business. In Part 1 we talked about a key point that is crucial to getting and driving targeted traffic to your site with article marketing. In Part 2 we will discuss driving targeted traffic to your site or business through Pay Per Click or PPC marketing. Just like with any form of marketing if done correctly PPC marketing can be a very low cost and highly effective marketing method. If your marketing efforts results in sales and more importantly profits that more than covers all costs associated with that method than your marketing is actually free to you and your business. Keep in mind that even free marketing methods like article marketing are not really free there is always the cost of your time and effort. Any marketing method is actually free if the profits resulting from them more than cover all of the costs involved including your time.

The first point that I would like to make about PPC marketing and that you have to understand is that PPC marketing is not free there will always be at least a fairly small initial outlay of your hard earned capitol. There are many different companies that you can work with for your PPC marketing campaign but for the purpose of this article the one we will be referring to is Google's PPC program. Google's PPC program is not only the most widely used it is also the best one out there. With any program out there if your PPC marketing campaign is done right you can be very successful and profitable at a very low cost. What you always must remember that if your PPC marketing is not done correctly and you don't put forth a well thought out plan and effort it can be a very costly form of marketing.

Especially when starting out with PPC marketing you should always run a low cost test campaign. You control and can set the amount that you want to spend on your initial test to as little as $25. However you probably want to run your initial test at least $100 and depending on the cost of your keywords maybe even consider doing it for even more but never more than a few hundred dollars. With PPC marketing there is no question that you will get the clicks and visits to your site the real question is how effective your campaign will be in terms of producing sales and even more importantly profits for you. If you set your budget to low for your initial test you will not get enough clicks or visits to make a true and accurate evaluation of your test. PPC marketing can be and is a very effective and profitable form of marketing for thousands of businesses of all types and sizes. With even a test of PPC marketing you must always do your homework first and have your campaign well thought out before committed even a small amount of your hard earned capitol.

If at first you don't succeed try and try again well not exactly PPC marketing will not work for everyone and it is not magic but if you do your homework and your initial test is limited to only a few hundred dollars it might be worth a couple of tries for you. If your initial test does not go as planned and might even go so bad as to not even produce one sale there are some questions that you need to address before committing another penny to a second test. Not only the size of the test has to be considered but other important questions needs to be answered such as did you select the right keywords are my products or services competitively priced is there anything wrong with my sites design that may not be attractive to visitors or even worst turning off potential customers. Those are just some but not all of the crucial questions that you need to ask yourself and you and only you can answer them for yourself. The final word that I would like to add and can not stress enough is always do your homework first and put in the time and effort needed to make your PPC marketing a success and it probably will be and if it does not work out after a test or two PPC marketing might not be right for you and you should look at and find some other method that will work for you.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-tips-articles/

About the Author

About The Author
Don has been in marketing both on and offline for the past 25 years and is the author and creator of My-Traffic-Jam more information could be found at http://my-traffic-jam.com

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