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Ending The Ppc Vs. Article Marketing Debate

Author: Valerie Mellema

For website owners and promoters, the biggest debate typically centers on the method of advertising that will be the most effective. The two biggest players in the market today are article marketing and PPC, or Pay Per Click, advertising. Each works in a completely different manner, and each is shown to generate results. The question, however, is which method offers the most return on investment for your marketing dollars and which is truly the most effective in the long run.

Breaking Down PPC

To understand PPC advertising more fully, you have to understand how it really works. Essentially, you are placing links on websites or even search engines and paying each time a user clicks that link. You can pay anywhere from a fraction of a cent to a few cents per click, but the general understanding is that the more you pay the more prominently your link will be displayed.

When you enter a search into Google, you will see two different sets of results. Organic results are listed in the main body of the page. These are relevant pages that come up based solely on content quality. To the right of the page is a column labeled Paid Results. These are pay per click sites, and Google is going to list them in the order of which one pays them the most revenue per click.

On the surface, this means a top listing and more clicks, provided you are willing to pay more, right? Well, yes and no. These links are certainly not the most commonly clicked on the page, and many users have found themselves directed to enough sites that do not provide relevance that they are hesitant to use that area of the page at all.

None of this is to say, of course, that Pay Per Click advertising doesn't work. Of course it works, which is why it has remained a competitive form of promotion for such a long period of time. PPC can help you get instant page hits and instant visitors, and when your ads are put in the right places it can even help you gain sales.

When your site is relatively new or your brand has not been established, PPC links can help provide familiarity with your name and can help generate a small return on investment quickly. The question for many, however, is how to turn these clicks into paying transactions for the site and how to keep up a successful PPC campaign over time without exhausting the budget. PPC advertisements are only available as long as you are still paying for them, and competing with bots that generate clicks can end up costing you money for site hits that were never capable of turning into sales.

The Verdict- PPC advertising has its place in the marketing world. Instant results can provide increased search rankings at a decent rate, and the advertising can let you see what types of websites can place ads that will generate sales. This can be great for figuring out your key demographic and where to advertise in the long run. Essentially, PPC is a great short term solution.

Breaking Down Article Marketing

Article marketing works through SEO, or search engine optimization. Essentially, this means creating articles with the right words, phrases, and intent to help you generate traffic over time. Strategically placed keywords help readers search for your articles, while the content serves to answer common questions, solve problems, and generally provide benefit for your readers.

Where article marketing really shines is that these articles will remain in directories indefinitely, while PPC ads must be continually paid for. However many quality articles you put out there is how many backlinks you will have directing visitors to your site. Equally important is the fact that repeated article submissions are likely to be picked up by the same readers, helping you to establish yourself and your site as experts in the field. This generates more interest, more clicks, and more sales overall.

Another benefit to article marketing is that it is heavily favored by search engines. When you search any term or phrase in a leading search engine, you will find that favor is always given to relevant sites. Search engines tend to deem articles with quality content as more trustworthy than pay per click sites, helping you to reach the top page of the results much more easily.

Article marketing is not without drawbacks, however, and it is not the perfect system in every way. While article marketing will lead to higher returns overall, provided you are offering quality, well written content, it is not an instant fix. If you created your website today and post articles tomorrow, it can be weeks or even months before you start to see higher traffic and revenues based on your articles. While the returns are certainly apt to be higher than with a PPC marketing campaign, you are going to find that it simply takes time for readers to find your articles, move them up in the search ranks, and bring in new traffic.

The Verdict- SEO article marketing is certainly more cost effective, with the price paid for quality articles being a one-time cost that can generate traffic for an indefinite period of time. With that said, however, there is still a need to produce new articles and new content frequently in order to keep seeing an increase. Overall, however, the costs are still much lower compared to the returns. Article marketing is a slower method of generating traffic, but it provides organic results that the search engines like, and over time it can provide the boost your site needs to be on top while also offering a higher number of page hit to sale conversions.

Ultimately, the debate between PPC and article marketing is one that is likely to wage on well into the future. Attempts to end it by providing a look at both sides shows that there truly is some benefit to using each method. Article marketing seems to have the clear advantage over time, but for site owners who need an instant return just to stay afloat, there is no denying that PPC can offer faster results.

By the time your company is established, however, PPC seems to grow out of favor quickly, creating a system where you pay more per customer overall. A single article can generate numerous clicks at a high conversion rate, while PPC advertising often requires hundreds or even thousands of clicks before you get a single sale. For many businesses, PPC is a great way to figure out statistics and demographics, but article marketing remains the preferred method for generating sales, search engine results, and long term traffic.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/

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