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SMM Tips –Top 30 Social Media Marketing Success Questions of 2011…

Author: Garious

I guess the trap that most businesses fall into is that they kick off their social media journey without a M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan – a motivational expression created by renowned peak performance specialist and keynote speaker Anthony Robbins). If you want to skyrocket your social media influence, you must have a crystal clear vision of where you are, where you want be and how can you get there socially speaking.

To help you out, we have assembled the top 30 questions that you need to answer accurately for massive social media success. Enjoy!

Top 10 SMM Success Questions for Startup Phase

This is the hardest phase of all since you haven't yet learned the ropes and will prone to endless trails and errors. That's why; it is best if you could answer the following 10 questions prior to starting.

1. What is my social media campaign vision?

2. What is my number one SMM priority? (It could be corporate branding, customer acquisition, cost reduction, more leads or higher sales conversion rates. I can here you say: I want'm all! For starters, try to focus one SMM priority)

3. Is my goal timely and realistic? (A good way to find out would be reading case studies of successful SMM endeavors)

4. Who is my target audience? (Now, that's a question that you MUST answer on your own and make sure to answer it correctly as it could make or break your entire SMM campaign)

5. What is the exact message(s) that I want to send my audience about my brand/services?

6. How can I build credibility and trust with my audience?

7. Which social media networking sites should I join? (The Bare minimum is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn)

8. How can I constantly monitor and improve my social media campaign?

9. Who are my key competition and how can I outperform them?

Top 10 SMM Success Questions for Mid Phase

Now you started to get your hands dirty and determined your goals, target audience and key competition, it is time to ask yourself more in-depth questions.

1. How effective is my current SMM plan in supporting my business goals?

2. Am I leveraging the best tools available for my social media campaign?

3. Am I carefully aware of what my audience are saying about my brand?

4. Am I effectively engaging with my fans/followers?

5. Do I attend to people's questions/comments about my brand promptly?

6. Did I hit my target number of followers/fans? If not, what am I doing wrong?

7. How effective was my social media strategy so far and how can I further tweak it for optimal results?

8. Do I encourage more engagement and participation from my audience?

9. Do I have enough time for social media influence or should I hire a social media professional?

10. Am I generating a positive buzz for my brand?

Top 10 SMM Success Questions for Advanced Phase

By now you have already accomplished some of your SMM goals yet need to level up your game in order to cope with never-ending evolvements in the social media world. "The only constant thing is change" and social media is certainly no exception! As things get a bit challenging, you need to ask the following questions.

1. Am I really giving my audience what they are hungry for?

2. What if I received negative reviews or bad PR, what would be my plan "B"? (Sometimes having the worst case scenario mentality is the wise things to do. In other words, be proactive rather than reactive)

3. AM I addressing my audience needs effectively?

4. Do I have enough financial resources (in case you are using fee-based social media services/tools) to expand this campaign?

5. Am I capable of measuring the ROI (return on investment) of my SMM in terms of lead generation and sales conversions?

6. Where do I see my social media campaign 5+ years from now?

7. Is my SMM time, money and effort brining me the desired results in terms of sales revenues?

8. How often do I add the "fun" factor to my social media activities in order to engage more audience?

9. Do I give my audience enough attention and recognition?

10. How can I improve my overall strategy based on my audience feedback?

I couldn't stress more on the utmost importance of answering the above questions carefully if you are after optimal SMM results. Jumping in the deep social media sea without enough planning means getting mediocre or no results! The more specific you are in deciding how you want to leverage SMM; the better your chances will be in meeting or even exceeding your goals. Good luck!

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About the Author

Aaron Eden, founder and the brains behind Garious, has spent over 15 years in the quest for the holy grail of business innovation. " I love social media a lot that I'm sharing ideas that make it drop dead simple for everybody! "

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