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How to Get Maximum ROI From Your PPC Campaigns

Author: Jamie Wagers

In this article I will cover the Pay Per Click, I will describe how to optimize you PPC Campaigns and how to maximize your ROI. Pay per click (PPC) is a form of advertising. You come across this advertising form on advertising networks and search engines. PPC ads, which appear as links are also known as Sponsored ads or Sponsored links. The sponsored ads or links appear just beside the organic results on search engine results-pages. In some search Engines the PPC ads also appear on top of the search results.
PPC ads not only appear on the search results but they also appear in Search Engine Content Networks.

PPC Advertising

PPC ads are undeniably the best and easiest way of steering traffic to a website with the help of pay per click search engines. This exceptional marketing/promotional tool, in fact, is being widely used by various product/service providers to boost sales and achieve marketing targets.

The most practical (and yet economical) form of advertising, Pay-per-click advertising involves listing a website by selecting appropriate keywords (these can be words or phrases) that refer to the product or service one is marketing. Since, keywords are of utmost importance in PPC advertising, a definite keyword-strategizing (rather optimizing) is involved in the whole process. Only a thorough optimizing will ensure that the chosen keyword/phrase matches with the search words/terms used by the advertiser‚€™s target audience when looking for this particular product/service. It is basically this aspect of PPC advertising that places it ahead of other advertising media better promoting the products/services, giving good publicity and assuring the advertisers better returns on investment.

PPC Requirements and Bidding Strategy

As an advertiser, you bid for each keyword (based on a keyword-optimizing strategy). The higher your bid amount, the better is the positioning of your Sponsored ad. And as the name implies, the advertiser pays-per-click, you pay the bid amount to the ad hosting network/search engine/website only when a user clicks on your ad-link to open your website. This is really interesting considering the fact that a considerably large segment of your prospective clients notice your products/services and is a sort of assurance of good returns on your investment.

Maximize ROI

Bid-amounts for keywords, i.e., the amount you need to pay per click vary depending on the search engine; the minimum amount can be anything between USD 0.01 and USD 0.50 and even more depending on the competitiveness of the keywords. In order to maximize your ROI you need to keep monitoring the keyword performance by utilizing the tools available with providers. Google offers excellent tool to monitor the keyword performance and when combined with Google Analytics it can provide a comprehensive report on your keywords.

Next is the amount of bid on each keyword. You should bid maximum to keep your ad appearing on the top of the list. However the maximum bid on each budget is determined by your budget limit.

Time of ad display also plays important role in your ROI. For instance there are certain services which are more access by people in weekends so you would like to run PPC campaigns specifically for weekends.

You should get rid of non-performing keywords as they add no value to your ROI.

PPC Providers

Some of the prominent PPC search engines are Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Miva, Yahoo! Search Marketing. There are also a number of other PPC providers who specializes in different domains.

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Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/

About the Author

Jamie Wagers is a freelance writer. She has been writing online articles on various topics since 2003. She provides
SEO consultancy to SwamiSEO http://www.SwamiSEO.co.uk.

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