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PPC Bid Management

Author: Jeff Spires

Article Contents:

PPC Bid Management:
Gaining ever more popularity, Internet Marketing has established itself as a cost-effective and profitable means of marketing. One of marketing, PPC or Pay Per Click, has seen tremendous growth as a superb way to advertise. Using keywords and phrases, a PPC advertiser pays only for actual clicks on their link. Search engines that offer PPC advertising include Overture, Google Adwords, Search Yahoo and Miva; offering top positions to sponsored listings. High bidders purchase their position in the search engine results. When a visitor clicks on the link the bidder pays the amount that they bid on as a pay per click fee.

There are times when PPC can become costly and time-consuming. But if PPC advertiser uses the proper steps they will see profits in this fresh new advertising medium. This is when you need to understand PPC Bid Management.

It is the keyword or phrase searches that are essential. Google or Yahoo then provides search results and instantly there will be a long list of finds with the appropriate keyword or phrases. The very first or top link seen is the PPC advertiser that had the highest bid for that keyword. This method saves because advertisers only pay for clicks.

Bid management for PPC requires that the advertiser identifys a maximum cost per clic (CPC) they can afford. CPC will vary from time to time and from search engine to search engine. The maximum is considered the average. Maximum CPC is measures by averaging current bid costs (between $.25 to $5.00) to the actual rate of visitors and you may adjust the CPC accordingly.

To start the bidding process, you will need to know what bidding strategy to use according to what search engine your are working with. PPC systesm vary according to the search engine. So it is a good idea to identify different bids for the same keyword/phrases within various search engines.

It may behoove an advertiser not to bid for the top position because it could become very expensive and surfers may try different search variations before actually finding one that fits their preferences. Bidding for the 5th spot would be a good start and then work up in time.

If initial bidding has been established and things are going well, then it is time to develop your own strategy for bidding. Track which sites are bringing in the most results and what the rankings of your PPC is. This will result in an informed decision as to where an advertiser would like to see their ad.

A bid gap make develop. This is when there is a noticable price increase just to move up one spot in the PPC rankings. Take advantage of any bid gaps by filling them in. Sometimes there are keywords that have less value to certain bidders. Use caution when bidding. It is easy to over bid these keywords.

Managing bids with PPC for the promotion of your site is only successful if you take the time to build numerous lists within numerous search engines. This is the way to reap the most value out of your expenditure.

Tools to Manage Your Bidding

For optimum results, advertisers may want to use PPC bid management tools. There are two types: 1) Web based services that are a monthy subscription and 2) PC based. PC based are purchased as software.

These PPC bid management tools actually monitor keywords/phrases and search engines and compare them in relation to your cost per click. This assists advertisers to determine their ROI or return on investment.

These tools may include features such as monitoring competitor's bids, create reports, and interface with a number of PPC engines. These features can be beneficial for users have a large number of keywords throughout several engines.

Bid management tools ae also ideal for the proper promotion of companies online. It is an excellent way to market goods and services, and, also, reach as many customers and

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Good Luck!
Jeff Spires

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