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Benefits of PPC

Author: Dimension India

PPC Advertising Works Immediate

PPC (Pay Per Click) is quicker to implement than other forms of advertising. It is very fast to respond to changing market demand or changes in company situation and campaign budgets can be increased and decreased or paused instantly.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns are faster to set up than others - Google Ad Words in particular is easy to get started within 10 minutes. Yahoo Search marketing takes some time and the pay per clicks of the MSN ie ad center take time and money also at the time of registration..

PPC can be turned off or reduced quickly if the numbers of orders and Enquiries received is too high. And we are unable to manage all of them.

PPC Advertising is Measurable

The Internet makes it very easy to measure and quantify the actual benefit of the PPC advertising campaign as a whole, but also each part of the campaign. This is usually done by adding the google tracking code to the website.

This type of advertising is called pay per click (PPC)and it is very easy to measure (CTC)"click through rates" or "Cost per Click" (CPC)and this give an idea of how many visitors arrive at a client website. These all the terms taken from the google adwords. the cost per click is not the most useful measure of a campaign success. Some website visitors are more useful than others because some ask query and some are come just for fun. A more useful measure is number of relevant visitors or cost per sale or cost per conversion. PPC advertising makes is very easy to calculate the cost per sale through this form of advertising.

Is PPC Advertising Cost Effective.

Yes!In the short term, (Pay Per Clicks) PPC Advertising is usually one of the more cost effective forms of advertising on the Search Engine Marketing, especially where industry bid prices are low. And in this you are totally independent from the natural search of the search engine.

PPC Advertising is good for small business also.

The search engine is not make any discrimination on the basic of the size of the organization, and Pay Per Click Advertising enables small and medium sized enterprises to compete very successfully against the large national and multinational companies. PPC creates a level playing field for small businesses, and by careful choice of PPC parameters your ad can show above those of large business or multi- nationals.

Is PPC Advertising Best for your website?

Yes! the fact that PPC advertising is so quick to setup and change, and its a fact that it is easy to measurable by that you can easily understand whether this is a good advertising route for your website or not.

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