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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing: Bring More Traffic to Your Website With PPC Advertising

Author: Ken Lyons

One of the biggest challenges facing many websites is how to generate traffic. There are a number of different ways to address this, but pay per click marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to bring qualified traffic to your website.

What is PPC? Defining Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a form of Internet advertising where the advertiser (company) bids on keywords and pays for clicks on their online ads. For the most part, PPC advertisements display on search engine results pages (SERPs) and run at the top of the SERPs and also show on the right hand column. The most popular paid advertisement program on the Web today is Google AdWords.

What are the Benefits of PPC Marketing?

Pay per click advertising gives advertisers a distinct means of putting their message in front of an audience that is actively seeking a product or a solution. The main benefits of advertising with PPC are:

• Speed - Advertisers can push their ads out to large numbers of viewers and get instant traffic in a matter of hours, often minutes.

• Targeting - With paid advertising, a company can choose to only bid on specific keywords, ensuring that their ad only shows on highly-relevant searches. Advertisers can also choose to target only those searchers in a particular geographical area.

• ROI Measurement - PPC lets advertisers track the performance of their ad by measuring ad impressions, clicks, cost-per-click with Web analytics software. In short, a company will know exactly how much they're spending and how much they're making from PPC.

It's important to note that the foundation of every successful pay per click marketing campaign is keyword research. If a company fails to select the right keywords to create a campaign around, they can waste a ton of money bidding on unrelated search terms and thereby targeting the wrong customers. Nothing will cripple a PPC marketing campaign more than improper or incomplete keyword research.

There are a number of tools to help you conduct your keyword research, like the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool, so be sure to use them to help inform your keyword research before you start your campaign.

Pay Per Click (PPC) VS Organic Search Marketing (SEO): Which is Better?

Organic search engine optimization refers to the results that show in the search engine that are not paid to display. They show up "organically," hence the name. Both paid and organic marketing approaches can work to complement one another for advertisers, and it's recommended that companies employ both methods of Web advertising, but there are distinct differences between the two.

Here are some things to consider in regards to PPC marketing vs SEO:

• PPC advertising results are more immediate that SEO, which takes longer to implement and can take months or years to show results.

• Pay per click marketing lets you test different landing pages and ad versions, so you can determine which work and which don't.

• With PPC, you can choose where you ad places for how long and during which times of the day, which isn't possible with SEO.

• Pay per click marketers don't have to adhere to the rules of best SEO practices. PPC ads can be optimized for conversions, not search engines.

As you see, pay per click marketing has some clear advantages over SEO. But that's not to say organic search marketing isn't extremely effective and necessary for most websites. In fact, organic search marketing is a better long term option. But in the short term, nothing is more effective for bringing qualified traffic to your website than PPC marketing.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-articles/

About the Author
Ken Lyons is Marketing Manager for WordStream, Inc., in Boston. WordStream provides Dynamic Keyword Management Solutions through a full suite of PPC software tools that feature a keyword finder for improving pay per click marketing.

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