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Decorate your PPC Campaign for this Christmas

Author: Sanjana Ahuja

That festive period of the year is here – with shops selling Christmas trees, boasting stockings, advent calendars and all singing Rudolph collectibles; all seems too targeted to flash sign that the countdown to Christmas has formally begun.

So for the shopaholics; this is the time to grab on those items they want with big Christmas discount with it. They want to buy as many as goodies they can buy at half of the price. So in the world of PPC marketing (pay per click marketing) this is like a best time of the year when they can grab the attentions of the buyers looking out for them or their product. For online retailers this should be the climax of the year, feathering their nests comfortably in a warm glow of record breaking profits. With such an expected increase in customers and traffic your PPC campaigns need to be fine-tuned, prepared, checked and very convincing. The competition for search marketers is on.

So what should you or your PPC agency be doing now in preparation for a lucrative Christmas?

Important things you need to consider before the Christmas PPC push.

The first step is to look at your PPC account history:

If you selling or advertising a similar range of products from year to year through your PPC campaign. Then dig into the history of your previous year campaigns, which will act as a goldmine of information on which to base this year's Christmas PPC advertising plans. Study the cost per conversion, cost per click of the best selling products. Check out which ad positions were historically your optimum converting positions.

Number of Campaigns and Ad groups to be added:

Once the PPC historical data is studied thoroughly, your next step is to calculate how many campaigns need to be set up for Christmas within your PPC account and remember the more the merrier.

The campaign set up should be according to your website look and feel; ideally one should have separate campaigns for each brand or product you are selling, so that on a daily basis you can see easily track the strong and the weak performers and can make your adjustments accordingly.

Keywords and Match types:

Add the festive related keywords to your campaign: like dresses for Christmas party, wine for Christmas. Once with ppc management you can figure out which keywords are the high performing ones; they should be split into an exact match campaign (keywords which are only exact match). If you have exact match only campaigns you will not need negative keywords. Try added different match types from broad, phrase and exact depending on the keyword performance.

Add the Christmas zing to your Ad copy:

At Christmas time the competition is very high. So by just increasing your CPC's and Ad Position will not give you that extra edge over your competitors; your Ad needs to be the most compelling among all. Bang on the Christmas terms and reference to make your Ad copy stand out on the search result page. If your Ads have a supportive image, jazz it up with a Christmas feel.

Christmas Fancies added to Landing Page:

To match the Christmas ad with your landing page decorate it with Christmas colors and items. Nothing that makes the page confusing but something that makes your statement of PPC sale more prominent. Clearly define your Christmas keywords and call to action on the page.

Christmas is a significant event for many and little details such as these make all the difference.

So gear up your PPC management skills and strategies to ride high on the increased ROI and sales this Christmas.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/

About the Author

Sanjana at Cranvas wants to help you make money this Christmas season with her ppc management skills. Also contact for professional seo services this festive season to get those top positions with a discount.

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