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Introduction to PPC and its Benefits

Author: Scott Bradley

PPC also referred to as Pay per click is basically nothing more than a marketing model that allows you to advertise on a site that charges you some amount of money when the internet users click on the advertisement. The money is not charged when the customer visits the page where the advertisement is located on. The use of PPC networks allows you to find out the amount of traffic available to you from a particular advertisement that you have put in your website or any other pages.

There are two type of models on which this PPC works. The first one is the flat rate model and the second one is the PPC model. In case of flat rate model, the publisher and advertiser agree to a fix price that has to be paid for each click on the advertisement. The prices differ based on the page where the advertisement has been put in. Higher rates are charged for pages where the visibility cost is pretty high.

The bid-based model is formed by a group of advertisers that bid for a high value position in the webpage where the advertisement campaign will be initiated. The publisher then selects the highest bidder from all the bids received. Then the normal cost per click flat rate is applicable as discussed with the winning advertiser getting the position available to them for a certain period.

Some of the major players offering PPC include Google Adwords, Yahoo Search marketing, and Microsoft Adcentre. They basically work on the bid-based PPC model. In spite of numerous benefits, the PPC networks are not perfect though. These advertisements can be abused by competitors who will simply click on the advertisements and cost you money. Unethical web developers click on these ads to increase their advertisement profits. However, to protect the interest of the advertisers the large PPC providers have started automated systems that control abusive clicks.

When you go for PPC advertisements on search engines, it is possible to choose more number of keywords and get better results for the money spent on advertisement campaign. You can decide on the money that should be paid each time someone clicks on your advertisement. The more you are willing to offer per click, the better are the chances of your website appearing in the search results for those keywords. The main reason that commercial users choose PPC for promoting their business is the fact that it provides instant results.

There is absolutely no need to wait for user review of the product or service. There is immediate traffic created for your website. PPC works out in a very economical manner as compared to other advertisement campaigns. These PPC activities are ideal for testing the markets with regards to user reaction for your products or services. In case your website offers something that can be purchased then there are instant results through sales online. PPC is extremely flexible with the option to adjust, edit, or delete keywords and allows you to reach out to users in a variety of geographic locations.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/

About the Author

Scott Bradley is a successful business man in a wide variety of internet services.
His organisation Echo Digital, provides affordable services to small to medium business
to assist them to grow their business. Affordable Web Design, Web Hosting and Internet Marketing

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