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The Key To Ppc Conversion

Author: Melissa S Sequeira

Pay-per-click, or PPC, copywriting is not about how many clicks an ad gets. The click-through rate is not the ultimate goal of the marketing campaign, even if the marketers might think otherwise. No, what they should really want is for the visitors to do something after the click.

Consistency is the watchword when it comes to PPC conversion. The keywords used in PPC copywriting should be echoed in all the marketing associated with the product or service. This isn't just something that internet marketers should know; it is a standard practice for advertising professionals in any medium. Products that cross media into television, radio, magazine, newspaper and so forth give the same message to every consumer. This repetitiveness reinforces the image.

PPC Copywriting is the Beginning

A PPC ad is merely a small amount of copy. A PPC copywriter has to be able to get to the point really quickly. If this isn't accomplished, no one will click on it or any other links leading to it.

What is the core message that best expresses the product or service? The copy should get readers to do something, namely to click on it. It should at least engender curiosity. It isn't the job of PPC copy to sell something, but to interest someone enough to click on the link. Once that's done, the landing site can do the rest of the work, convincing the reader to buy, join or subscribe.

The key phrase of the headlines should be in the PPC ads whenever possible. This is much the same as a tagline or slogan used in other media advertising. A key phrase should be something memorable, repeated over and over to brand the product in the mind of potential buyers or clients.

Consistency Holds It All Together

The landing page should have a headline that is very much like the copy in the PPC ad, if not exactly the same. The more similar those two are, the longer a visitor will stay on the landing page. That's not the end of everything; the key phrase should be used all the way through the entire process.

When the key phrase is typed in, it should lead to a page that displays that key phrase. The best way to get the visitor to trust enough to buy something is to fulfill the promise laid out in the PPC copy. If it offers ‘cheap fast computers', then there should be plenty of cheap but fast computers on the landing page. There shouldn't be DVD players and televisions and other electronics. Links for those can be included on the page, but the ad should take the visitor to what was promised.

PPC copywriting is the beginning, but it is only the beginning. Don't make the mistake of making the PPC copy everything. Carry the little message of that first step throughout every step to create a sense of reliability for potential customers.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/copywriting-articles/the-key-to-ppc-conversion-2091313.html

About the Author

Melissa S Sequeira ~~ is a talented and creative copywriter adept at writing copy to suit your requirements. She has an excellent grasp of SEO and works, in particular, on eBooks, ghost writing, academic writing, copywriting and sales writing. Contact Melissa at http://www.freelancewritingdesk.com

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