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Pay Per Click Internet Advertising - How to Use PPC Campaigns Without Losing Your Shirt

Author: Francois Baril

Pay per click is an advertising medium that is gaining more popularity each day. The most effective and largest is the Google AdWords. If you have a product or service you want to advertise you will pay Google to see your
advertisement whenever someone search for specific keywords and that is how PPC works.

I will show you how to create a PPC campaign that not only attracts, but CONVERTS when people land on your page.

First, in order to have a successful PPC campaign, and like with any advertising, you must know your audience and target. You must know what they are searching for and what keywords they are using to find it. Write down these keywords on a list.

Here are the "secrets" to run a successfully PPC campaign:

HAVE A CEILING DAILY BUDGET. This may be evident, but sometimes beginners overlook this crucial element and get positively KILLED.

By looking at your available budget to begin with you can nail down which keywords you want to bid for and what you want to pay and Google will estimate how often those ads will show.

Otherwise, you pay for however many clicks you get without a budget limit. In other words, you haven't put a cap on how much you can spend in a day. PPC can get pretty expensive very quickly. You will get killed if you don't know what you are doing.

USE KEYWORDS RELATED TO MAJOR KEYWORDS. In any market, there is the potential for saturation. This holds true for keywords, too. You are going to have vast amounts of competition for certain keywords. This is why it's important to experiment and find alternative keyword phrases for your ads. Experiment, be creative and most importantly, TEST.

CREATE A COMPELLING AD that promotes the click, NOT the product! The proper ad will target the right audience, create curiosity and provide a call to action ("visit now"). Just be certain that your ad message binds with your target page.

FOCUS ON CONVERSIONS, NOT CLICKS. You can get 1000 clicks per day, but if they convert to zero sales, you've wasted your time and money. The goal of your PPC campaigns should be to have the highest conversion rate possible. You must get away from the "click" mentality and graduate to the "Conversion" School of Success.

MAKE SURE YOUR AD AND LANDING PAGE MATCH. There is a certain percentage of folks who think bait and switch is an effective PPC tactic. Baiting someone with a promising ad that doesn't match your landing page or sales message is perilous for several reasons:

First, your conversion rate will drop off dramatically. When people click on your ad, it's because they think clicking on it will solve a question they have. You have to be very careful managing your bids and selecting your keywords, or pay-for-performance advertising can become ineffective.

Second, you will lose money fast. PPC can be costly quickly. If you have a dynamite ad that gets plenty of clicks, but doesn't convert due to a landing page content mismatch, you'll be in the red in no time flat.

Third, your ads will be pushed down on the results of the first couple of pages for each respective keyword. You will see a huge spike in your cost-per-click amount (this is because lower rated pages need to spend more money to be listed).

Not only should your ad match your landing page, it should be massively targeted to the page. Improve the on page the relevance of your landing pages to the keywords you are bidding on.

Bottom line, keep your landing page specific and as pertinent as possible to the ad and your PPC rankings will soar.

TEST RIGOROUSLY YOUR ADS. Testing is essential. Keywords are, after all, vital if you are going to get the right visitors coming to your website. Choose the wrong ones and you could get a lot of visitors, no sales and a hefty PPC advertising bill to pay at the end of it.

CREATE MULTIPLE CAMPAINS AND AD GROUPS. Google offers a free service that is able to generate detailed statistics to your website. It can also track how your website visitor ends up at your website. It is able to track all the referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks and email marketing.

MEASURE YOUR BUDGET AND ROI (return on investment) to see if your campaign has been profitable, breaking even or not profitable.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/
-losing-your-shirt -1786927.html

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