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SEO to Pump Up Your PPC ROI

Author: C. Linart

To monetize traffic to a website, the "path of least resistance" may turn out to be more difficult than you thought. The most common mistake businesses make is thinking that spending thousands of dollars on a PPC campaign automatically translates to profit. This "strategy" is commonly promoted by the "make money from home" crowd, and a lot of Internet Marketing novices learn the hard way that it is not as easy as it seems.

Obviously, it is easier to buy traffic through pay-per-click than through patient organic optimization. A thousand visitors will show up at your site tomorrow if you spend enough on advertising, but it might take a few months to get that many through SEO. If you are in business -- not a popularity contest -- SEO is the better investment. Spending $1000 to gain 1000 visitors who buy only $500 worth of product on your site is all too typical, especially for PPC novices. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I deal in reality.

On a more positive note, SEO and PPC complement each other nicely, and are not mutually exclusive. Taking a scientific approach to SEO can help you learn the ropes of PPC. Sorry, but the details of this are a trade secret. (Hey, if you made a darn good living based on what you know, would you just give that knowledge away? Suffice it to say that the critical element is the wording. We think in language, and language motivates much of what we do.

SEO can teach you a lot about what motivates people to visit a page, and that can help you construct a potent PPC campaign. You might find that a web page described as, "The coolest SEO blog in the universe!" does not convert as well as the same exact page described as "Free insider information on SEO strategies." Again, the precise way in which you might figure this out is something that I'm keeping to myself -- sorry. If you treat it in a scientific way, testing your wording carefully before trying PPC, the extra money will be worth the extra time. The knowledge you gain through organic optimization can be taken to the bank through PPC; it just might take a few months. You can make money through SEO, and those earnings can be re-invested into PPC so that you're "playing with the house's money" when it comes time to take that plunge. How cool is that!

In any case, no matter what any "guru" says in an "Internet Marketing Course," don't jump the gun. Try PPC right out off the bat and, chances are, it will cost you more than a bit of money. Of course, you might be very lucky, but in that case the casino might be more fun for you. This is business, not gambling.

Now let me touch on ROI. If you follow my advice and learn organic optimization before trying PPC, you should get a positive and growing return out of PPC. If you really calculate it, it will probably not be as high as your return from organic search, but the raw numbers will be much bigger. This is because PPC delivers high volume. Investing $20,000 in an ad campaign and gaining $24,000 in gross sales (a 20 percent ROI) would be a fantastic result. Your conversion ratio and costs will be lower with organic search, but so will your total sales.

The way you run your business is up to you, but I strongly advise you not to try PPC until you've done a ton of testing with SEO.

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