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PPC UK - Discover What It's All About

Author: Harvey McEwan

As many of us become more familiar with search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click advertising (PPC) still remains somewhat of a mystery. Yet PPC in the UK is a growing industry, and one worth getting familiar with, especially if you are a business owner hoping to boost your online presence.

Acronyms get thrown around all the time, particularly in the online world, and they can be confusing and intimidating as you struggle to come to grips with exactly what they are all about - but PPC UK is one you should persevere with.

PPC UK - A Growing Industry

PPC is an advertising model in which website owners pay to appear in the sponsored listings along the top and side of a search engine results page (SERP), and they also pay each time a person clicks through to their site from the sponsored listings. PPC specialists will bid on specific keywords which relate to your business.

Each click can vary in cost, depending on the search engine your website is appearing in, and if the keyword terms you need for your business are popular - for example, something like 'car insurance' has a lot of competition - the bid for this term will need to be high if you are going to appear in the paid listings.

If you are considering hiring a PPC UK specialist, you should know some of the elements that go into making a successful PPC campaign. Bidding on a sufficient amount of relevant keywords is key, as is bidding the right amount to ensure your website appears exactly where you want it to in the paid results - too low down and it's less likely web users will notice you and you aren't increasing your brand awareness.

It's also very important for the campaign to be well-targeted to your customer base - running a generic PPC campaign which doesn't take this into consideration will be expensive and ineffective. It's also vital to ensure when people click on your website link, it takes them through to a page containing the information they were looking for - if it goes through to a completely irrelevant page, you will alienate potential new customers.

Careful measuring of results is imperative - if you hire a PPC UK specialist, they should provide you with regular reports. If something isn't working in a PPC campaign you are throwing good money after bad, and regular reporting will highlight this - leading to vital tweaks to the campaign.

Get The Most Out Of PPC Spend

If you are considering embarking on a pay per click campaign, or you are in the middle of one, the PPC UK specialist you have hired should be getting the very most of out of your budget - it is a flexible tool in online marketing but only if used with skill. It's relatively simple to apply your budget and appear high in the paid search listings, but a skillful PPC UK expert will know a considerable amount about how each search engines advertising works, and will be able to convert your traffic accordingly.

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Harvey is passionate about getting you the best search engine optimisation advice.

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