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PPC Keyword Research or Root Canal Without Novacaine?

Author: Elliot Adams

That's how I feel when faced with a long night ahead of manual ppc keyword research. You would think I have a newborn in the house what with my bloodshot eyes and crankiness.

My days would consist of searching keywords & keyword combinations, testing them, tweaking them, re-testing, re-tweaking, re-testing and then back to searching again. It seriously felt like I was a scientist in a lab, mixing chemicals while trying to find the vaccine to save the world from a major disease. Trial and error is okay when you have unlimited time and money, but for the rest of us, it is simply not practical. Worse than that, it is like shooting in the dark and hoping when the lights went on that you had actually hit within 30 feet of your target.

Now I am considered somewhat old fashioned, as I shun the use of software tools if I feel I can do it better myself. For example, I like to research new niches without the use of software tools. I find the tools do not really give you the full picture of what people are really looking for.

However, when it comes to PPC keyword research, I feel differently. In this area I strongly recommend you take advantage of PPC keyword research software to help you find the winning keywords.

There are 3 main reasons why this is one area where it pays to use a good software tool.

1. PPC research tools let you spy on competitors secret winning keywords and ads, so you can know before you spend a penny on ppc, whether the keywords you are using are the ones that make money.

2. PPC research tools enable you to see your competitors ad text strategies, what products they're promoting in combination with the landing pages and keywords that are making them a profit.

3. PPC research tools save you time and money by knowing right away if it's worth your time and money to promote a particular affiliate product using PPC.

It is as simple as this: The main goal of a ppc campaign is to get the highest clickthrough rate possible. The way to do that is to have the winning keywords and winning keyword combinations. With PPC research tools tools you are handed the winning keywords and winning keyword combinations on a silver platter.

I could do the same job myself, but it would take me double the time and more than double the money to get results remotely close to what I would get using a good PPC research tool.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/affiliate-programs-articles/

About the Author

Elliot Adams reviews and recommends the best new software tools and strategies for affiliate marketers. He is an internet marketer and PPC campaign strategy expert who will help you succeed in your online business. Check out his recommendation of PPC Buly 2 and get a limited exclusive bonus found at the PPC Bully Review that is not offered anywhere else. => http://www.ppcbully2site.com

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