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Master PPC Advertising With a Plan

Author: Wally Wagner

In order to receive big payday checks, its no secret that you need to be willing to write smaller checks for PPC advertising or other advertising to make it happen.

Affiliate marketing is very competitive and particularly so for the Internet marketer wanting to take advantage of many new markets and different, profitable niches simultaneously. To be successful, the affiliate marketer will need a source of targeted traffic for each market or niche. There are many ways to get traffic including:

1. Established Websites, Article Marketing, Exchanging Links, Commenting On Relevant Blogs, Etc.

These traffic sources take time to develop and eventually your efforts will pay off. But expect it is going to take months of hard work before a reasonable amount of targeted traffic starts flowing to you. Then repeat for the next niche you want to target. Or.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic.

With PPC you can write smaller checks for your targeted advertising in order to receive larger payday checks. The PPC method is the fastest way to get that targeted traffic and make enough sales to expect big payday checks.

With so many profitable markets available to the affiliate marketer, it is nearly impossible to take advantage of many using the methods mentioned in option one above. The work and time involved is just too great to make an impact in new, developing markets and multiple niches. Markets that are highly profitable one week may be yesterday's news the next. Affiliate marketers need to be able to strike while the iron is hot!

Some say that it takes time and energy to setup PPC campaigns, too, and appropriate keywords at the major PPC providers, such as Google, MSN and Yahoo, can become very competitive. Those arguments miss the point that PPC is the one targeted traffic source that can deliver instant traffic from every corner of the Internet. It allows the affiliate marketer a way to tap into a nearly limitless number of hungry buyers practically on a moments notice.

But how do you make PPC work and know you're targeting the right traffic market without blowing your budget? To do this you need to be able to make PPC setup easy and efficient and be able to target interested buyers. To create a successful PPC campaign will require the following three elements.

1. Keyword/Keyphrase, Ad Content And Landing Page Content Testing

If you don't know which keywords and phrases are bringing you buying customers, you will waste money. If you don't know which ad content draws buyers, you will waste money. And if you don't know which content to put on your landing page to convert your visitors into buyers, you will waste money. Possibly, so much that that your campaign will not be successful. Once you know the answers to these questions you can drop the duds, cut your advertising costs significantly and turn the campaign into a huge profit maker.

You can then plow your profits into more traffic, more sales and even more profits.

2. Target Desperate Traffic

It makes more sense to attract traffic that is desperate and ready to take action than to target "lookie lews" who aren't necessarily ready to take out their credit card and make a purchase.

3. Don't Blow Your Budget

You must keep close tabs on your advertising spending and the sales it is generating. On the one hand, you can easily blow through your budget if the traffic isn't placing orders. On the other, it will be a huge mistake to place a cap on your PPC campaign and your advertising budget once you have fine tuned your campaign and it is running profitably.

Buy following these rules, you will have more time to find profitable affiliate niches and take advantage of them quickly with PPC targeted traffic.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-articles/

About the Author
Wally Wagner is the President of Profit Source Publishing and an experienced Internet marketer and affiliate marketer. He has marketed products online and developed traffic sources since 1997. Wally invites you to read his review of Google Nemesis which presents a unique affiliate marketing and PPC traffic automation system.

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