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PPC Campaign Management - the Way it Works

Author: Michael Reeves

Your website is up and running, but there's a problem. Your web pages are well laid out to showcase your "red hot" products, so why aren't you getting the traffic? Why not? Because prospective customers don't even know you're there. It's time to advertise. There are endless ways to advertise, and the Pay Per Click Campaign, PPC Campaign management, is one of the most effective available.

Here's how it works. You need targeted customers to come to your website. Targeted customers need to find your website. A PPC Campaign Management Plan will make it happen! Everyone wins.

The customer will find his way to your webpage through a Search Engine like Google, MSN or Yahoo. The customer will get to your site by typing in keywords or phrases which relate to the products or services that you sell. This sounds simple, but there are some ways to improve the odds that the customer will find your website. You need to advertise. Have you tried PPC?

What's PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for Pay Per Click. A PPC campaign is best described like this: The "PPC" is a promotional model employed by search engines. You, the website owner, are going to put up an ad. Website owners need only pay when a customer clicks on their ad. That click will deliver the customer to your website.

So,how does it work?

You are the advertiser. You are going to put up small ads on the search engine of your choice. This ad will appear either beside or above the list of websites generated by the search engine. Decide which keywords are most likely to be typed in by your prospective customer. Give your keyword selection lots of

attention. These little words or phrases can make or break your campaign. Now that you have your words, you're ready to contact Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter or Yahoo! Search Marketing. They will lead you through the process of creating a small ad from your keywords. You'll bid on the words you want, and may have to try some alternative words if the cost of your chosen words is too high for your budget.

The next thing to happen is this. Someone types in one of your keywords to the search engine. A list of websites appears on their screen. And there, right beside the list, is your little ad. The customer clicks on your ad and arrives on your website. You now have two obligations 1.You need to ensure that your website is top notch in every way. That way the customer will stick around your site long enough to try your products. 2.When you set up your campaign, you agreed to pay the Search Engine a certain amount per click. You'll probably be paying by the thousand clicks. After another 999 clicks, you'll need to pay the Search Engine!

If this all sounds beyond your capabilities, you may want to hire one of the many companies which will do the PPC campaign management for you. There is also software help you can buy, like Go Toast or Bid Rank. These programs will track down your keywords listing.

So, why not allocate some of your start-up money to a PPC campaign? It might get you noticed enough to create enough traffic on your site to make it all worthwhile.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ppc-advertising-articles/

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