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PPC Cost Management 5 Tricks

Author: Rob Smith

PPC Cost management is one of the prime concerns of any Pay Per Click Expert. How do I have a control over cost and at the same time make sure that the campaign doesn't throttle the effectiveness of the converting keywords. I am quite sure all of you must be using various tools as well as would have built thumb rules to check and manage PPC Costs

We thought, we can put together 5 quick tricks of PPC Cost management

PPC Cost Management Trick 1 : Sort on Cost and rationalise on Spend distribution depending on Business Needs Yes,

if we are talking about cost then choose (lets say last 7 days / last 30 days) and sort on the cost at the keyword level. The distribution of the cost across keyword tells a lot about how the campaign is performing. Do 1 or 2 Keywords eat up most of your budget? Is it right representation of your business? Can you try a few other relevant keywords instead of spending all budget on a few keywords. You may like to play on a bit lower position for the spending keywords. Sometimes, if Q score of your keyword is good; though you reduce the bid ; you may keep the position intact at the lower cost. Thus, the trick number 1 will help you identify these keywords and you can start controlled experiments with these keywords.

PPC Cost Management Trick 2: Quality Score.

Check Quality score of the high cost / click keywords. You cans separate them into small adgroups and give a special treatment (Ad copy with the keywords in the text as well a land on relevant destination URL). We have seen tremendous cost savings if the quality score improves due to regrouping of the keywords in small adgroups. This helps identify the regrouping keywords. Sometimes you may have to up the bid for sometime to get good CTR and improvement in q score. But again one had to really monitor the experiment.

PPC Cost Management Trick 3 : Sort on Clicks / Impression This is a bit deeper that the previous points. Understand the high click keywords and understand what part of your service line / product line is getting more exposure. Should you divert a bit of budget to few other categories? Another sort could be that of Impressions. It may so happen that highly searched term may not be having a better position., You can use some the other tricks (Including increasing the max Bid) to allow more relevant clicks.

PPC Cost Management Trick 4 : relevant Geo Targeting / Time Scheduling If you provide your service only around 50 miles from your location and if you are running the adverts across country , many of the clicks and thus budget is wasted. Please check the setting s regarding geo targeting. You may also want to know the time of the day when your prospective customer buys your service / product. You may like to curtail the exposure of your adverts throughout the day.

PPC Cost Management Trick 5 : Search Query Analysis Run the search query and find out the irrelevant keywords, Put them in negatives. Your impressions may come down and clicks may come down but its better to not spend your precious budget on non relevant keywords I hope you liked this blog post regarding PPC Cost Management and we look forward for your comments.

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About the Author

PPC Cost Management 5 tricks covers ideas regarding the cost management of Pay Per Click Cost. The tricks are good handy tools for PPC Consultants and experts.

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