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PPC Consultant 5 Must Haves

Author: Rob Smith

Usage of Pay Per Click Adverting is on a rise and that has thrown lots of opportunities for all those who aspire to be one of the best PPC Consultant. There are many notions regarding what makes a good PPC consultant and one amongst them is "I know Google Adwords well". I agree that one has to know the tool very well but a good understanding of the tool is not enough. So what are the attributes needed to be a good PPC Consultant;

PPC Consultant Must Have number 1: Business Understanding

One has to have very good understanding of client's business. What are the products / services that are offered. What sells and what doesn't. What is the profile of client's client (read the person who is searching). What state of mind the searcher is when he is typing a keyword. What is the sales cycle and how to get the visitor to commit a purchase (or a desired action).

It may just help to actually role play the visitor ; type the keyword ; check what the advert is saying , go to the landing page and ask a question that whether (as a visitor) you got what you started searching for.

PPC Consultant Must Have number 2: Analytical bend of mind

PPC is about collating data and analysing the same. You get plethora of data regarding clicks / impressions, CTRs , CPCs, Conversions …… One has to have a knack to make sense out of it. Why a particular advert is doing well and another is not. Can I use the same similar message on other adverts. Why a particular page is converting. Did it have an offer ? Does it have important product "Above the fold". These questions need to be asked and answered using data.

PPC Consultant Must Have number 3: Question the Data with Common Sense

This is just contrary to my previous point. Sometimes Data may be misleading and one needs to question the outcome with common Sense. The data interpretation may be completely different for different verticals as well as the product. If a searcher is searching for "Broadband" as a keyword then the chances that he is looking to buy a Broadband and not for writing a thesis regarding Broadband.

PPC Consultant Must Have number 4: What's New? Tools / Techniques / Tricks

You have to keep yourself abreast with what's new. How can various new products change the way you structure your campaigns / landing page. Use as many tools as possible provided by the program to get a good grip of the campaign performance. Subscribe to blog post (Definitely That of Google Adwords Blog)

PPC Consultant Must Have number 5 : Experimentation

Experiment and Calculated Risk Taking : Keep experimenting. What was true yesterday may not be true today. Use various landing pages, Adverts and note down the readings and analyse why a particular change helped or didn't help.

I am sure experience makes a good PPC Consultant over years. The complex accounts that you handle gives you opportunities to enhance your skills.

I hope this article helped you and we are looking forward for comments from you.

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