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The Importance of Effective PPC Management

Author: Stephen Logan

Pay per Click is now the leading choice for UK advertisers. Delivering volumes of targeted traffic from the outset and requiring no initial investment, it's not hard to see why.

Whilst the benefits of PPC are widely known, they do come with a note of warning. Paid search requires an in-depth understanding of the requirements and techniques used in this unique environment. It isn't like creating a newspaper advert and buying a space in the publication, your PPC campaigns need continuous management.

As the name suggests, you are required to pay for each click that one of your adverts receives. You can't therefore simply let it off the leash and allow a campaign to progress unguided and unchanged, otherwise you could end up hopelessly out of pocket with no revenue to speak of. PPC is a real-time advertising platform, it allows you to adjust and readjust your advertisements as and when required; affording you the opportunity reassign budgets, rewrite ad text and include additional keywords.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of PPC

Managing a PPC campaign requires a fair degree of knowledge of the paid search model. Whilst anybody can get traffic by targeting a few keywords, bumping up your bids, putting ads on broad match and creating a huge budget, is this really the most effective way of advertising your services?

Pay per click management is all about a laser like focus. It is about understanding how to optimise successful campaigns and adjusting those that aren't doing so well. Above all though it is about getting targeted traffic in the highest quantities for the least amount of money. This, of course, is no mean feat.

Let's start with the dangers of PPC. If you're new, where do you start? Do you get a book and try to learn it? Do you visit Google AdWords or Microsoft adCenter and follow their tutorials? Do you ask someone in the know? Essentially, whatever you do before getting going with your paid search campaign, you need to have a fair level of understanding. Trial and error is all well and good, but it could end with a lot of wasted money and frustration.

A PPC budget can be swallowed in minutes if you allow adverts to run in broad match or don't fully understand the bid pricing principles. For starters broad match is quite a dangerous tactic, particularly for those with limited resources. Rather than focussing on your keywords and only appearing for these terms, broad match will have your ads appearing on SERPs with little more than a passing relevance to your site and services. Fine for those who just want traffic at any cost (Amazon and eBay are two good examples), not for those on a shoestring budget.

Effective Paid Search Management

Your budget can be set with a daily limit, ensuring that you don't exceed your means. Proper PPC management can ensure that this budget goes further. By integrating additional relevant keywords and banishing negative keywords (those searches that are irrelevant to what you offer), you help hone in your ad campaigns. Similarly, you can set adverts to appear at certain times of the day whenever you want throughout the week. So if your business is busiest in the evenings on weekdays, you can set them to appear accordingly.

Wastage is the bane of any Pay per Click campaign. You can't simply allow it to run away from you, it needs monitoring and constant development to really succeed. PPC is an entirely unique way of advertising your business and it has to be accorded a certain respect. Just as you wouldn't go out and create a television advert on the hop and then casually distribute it across numerous stations without any regard for audience, PPC requires planning and effective management to succeed

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/marketing-articles/

About the Author
Stephen Logan works as a Copywriter for leading Southampton SEO Company Impact Media. They offer a full range of search marketing solutions including expert Pay per Click Management.

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