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SEO and PPC Together an Online Winning Combination

Author: Paul Steven

What is the best way for any business to market themselves on-line? There are 2 favorite options that can bring success to any on-line campaign they are SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

Much has been written in the past over which is the best out of the two. Many divides regarding SEO vs PPC have broken out within on-line forums regarding which is the best on-line solution for a business to invest in to help maximize their ROI.

My view is the best benefit for any on-line marketing campaign is to use both. By running an effective PPC campaign while you wait for the organic SEO listings to kick in you expose your site quickly to your targeted audience. Not only will the PPC campaign in the very early stages drive traffic to your site but you can then filter out what keyword search terms do not generate conversion and thus instigate the proper sought after keywords to your SEO that you know converts.

Once you start to become more visible via the organic listings you can indeed cut down on your PPC spend. However, I am aware of companies even though they have top page organic listings that never turn off their PPC - its better to have 2 spots in the top page than 1.

By switching off their PPC they effectively allow room for their competition to take their place and their sales.

However, it is best to remember that not all companies can afford both SEO and PPC together. For those companies considering which approach to make is itself a big decision and they should take the time necessary to research which Internet marketing plan is best for them.

To finish here are some important keynote factors regarding both SEO and PPC to consider.

SEO is the more cost-effective of the two over a period of time. It also allows your site to be visible for long-tail searches which make up around 25% of all searches done on search engines. PPC wont show unless stated in your PPC campaign.

With PPC you can get your site on the top pages instantly and generating traffic, leads and sales from the moment your campaign is switched on.

Together both these marketing tools can help make your on-line business a success quickly and for your long-term growth.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/

About the Author

Paul Steven writes for North South Media a leading Internet Marketing Company in Scotland.

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