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Organic Search Engine Optimization - A Winning Strategy

Author: John S. Britsios

Some might argue against organic search engine optimization (SEO) being the best strategy for achieving site visibility to the search engines. Indeed, there are other methods that might yield equal results, in a shorter timeframe.

However, for lasting results, the preferable method is organic. Search engine optimization techniques performed naturally will gain your website more stable, longer lasting results.

What Should You Do?

Organic simply means natural. In other words, links to the target site exist because others consider it to have value. No paid placement or inclusion and no deceptive practices are involved.

There are several tactics utilized in an organic SEO strategy. Common tactics are publication of articles, press releases, social media bookmarking, blog posts and blog comments. And of course, you hope others will find your content valuable, and provide a link to your site.

These are all perfectly acceptable practices, in the eyes of the search engines, and definitely fall within the realm of organic SEO. Again, the key is that links and traffic are not purchased, and that no techniques are used to deceive either the users or the search engines.

What Shouldn't You Do?

Some unscrupulous SEO practitioners put their clients' sites at risk, by employing shady practices such as purchasing links, constructing link networks, stuffing content with excessive or irrelevant keywords, or even cloaking content.

Such techniques are easily spotted by the search engines, and can result in penalties and even bans from the SERPs (search engine results pages). Until the penalties hit, the site may enjoy a short-term boost in rankings, but the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Another important aspect of a successful SEO campaign is to provide quality content. Your content, of course, should be targeted first at your users, then at the search engines. If it is informative or entertaining, others are much more likely to link to you.

As inbound links accumulate from relevant, respected sites, your site's authority will rise, as represented by its pagerank, which is one of the many factors used to determine your ranking in the SERPs, when your site is relevant to a search query.

Properly implemented, an organic search engine optimization strategy can help take your site higher in the results pages, and your business to a new level.

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