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Organic Search Engine Optimization - The Basics-1

Author: Seomul Evans

Basics Of Organic Search Engine Optimization

New website owners are often confused, believing that they will not be able to compete against other websites when it comes to SEO because of organic search engine optimization. Therefore, these people often feel helpless without the help of search engine optimization professionals. People who do not have the money to spend will find themselves and their websites right at the bottom of the search engine search results.

It is true that hiring an organic search engine optimization professional will greatly increase your website's page ranking but this does not by any means imply that those who have no money are left with no options. There are many things that can be changed slightly when it comes to website building and design that will make a big difference among the search engine ranking.

Basics: File Names And Page Title

A website is a minefield of opportunity when it comes to improving page ranking. It is extremely important for webmasters to include keywords in meta tags as well as in the page's content.

One thing that should be taken into consideration is file naming. Many times, a website owner will give their homepage a generic name that is something like "home.html" or "index.html". This can turn out to be a mistake and is really a missed opportunity. The file could have been saved as "dogs-home.html". This will allow you to include the keyword "dogs" into the file name which is more relevant to a website dedicated to dogs. It is possible for the website designer to add a keyword to the file name of each webpage which will help increase the website's relevance.

Another mistake that is often made is by saving untitled pages. This is often done out of forgetfulness on the web designer's part. It is extremely important to give every page in the website a number. You should also include keywords into the title that are relevant to the page's content.

Enhance and improve: keywords, hyperlinks and images

Even those who have little experience with organic search engine optimization know the importance of using relevant keywords in the contents of a website's content. This will improve your website's search engine rank. Many webmasters use keywords but don't try to maximize their effectiveness.

You can also use keywords as anchor text that direct visitors to other websites or to sections of the same page. This will increase the effectiveness of the keywords and will help increase the ranking of your other web pages.

You can also use the navigation bar as a way to improve your page rank as long as they incorporate text links at the bottom that contain specific keywords. Navigation bars that use images instead of text should also use keyword text links below them.

You can also take advantage of the imagines on the navigation bar and the graphics used for website design with keywords. You can put the keywords within the alternative text descriptions which will be seen by search engines.

Be Accurate: Relevant Keywords

Keywords are extremely essential when it comes to search engine optimization. This is one of the reasons why it is extremely important that the keywords that you use are relevant to your website. You will need to do some research to determine what keywords are searched for often by visitors to your type of website. Finding the right keyword is an art by itself. You need to look for a keyword that internet readers will most likely search for but at the same time the most popular keywords also have the highest competition. Unless your website is exceptionally good, it can be very difficult to get it noticed amongst the more established websites having the same keywords.

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Seomul Evans is specializes in SEO Quotes for small businesses with a leading US based SEO Services company focusing in Natural SEO.

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