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Organic Search Engine Optimization - the Basics 2

Author: Seomul Evans

After hearing all of the talk concerning organic search engine optimization, many websites owners are fooled into believing that they will be unable to compete with other websites unless they hire a professional who is proficient in search engine optimization. They also believe that those people who do not have money will have to sit at the bottom of the search engine search results for eternity; after all, search engine optimizations professionals come at a very hefty price.

It is true that hiring a professional experienced in organic search engine optimization strategies will help give your website a major boost in page ranking. However, it does not by any means imply that those who find they cannot afford a professional should consider themselves out of the running. There are plenty factors that can be altered with proper website design that can help greatly with search engine ranking.

The Basics: File Names And Page Titles

You can use a website like a goldmine when it comes to improving your page rankings. Most webmasters will remember to put keywords in the meta-tags but there are other elements of the website that can also be used but which most webmasters forget to place keywords in.

One opportunity that most webmasters will most often overlook is with file names. Normally, webmasters will give their homepage a name that's something like "home.html". This is a missed opportunity in itself. You could name the file something like "sports-home.html". This name will include a keyword, which is "sports", in the file name too. This is a very good idea if the webpage is related to sports. For a website that deals with pet supplies, the homepage could be named "pets-home.html". The webmaster will want to do this with each and every page on their website as this will have a tremendous impact on the website and increase its relevance instantly.

Webmasters will sometimes get into a rush and forget to title pages leaving their web pages untitled. This is another missed opportunity. Webmasters need to make sure to give each page a title. When doing this, it is a good idea to add keywords that are relevant to the page to the title too.

Keywords, Hyperlinks And Images

Even those new webmasters know the importance of using keywords all over their websites when it comes to organic search engine optimization. However, what is equally important is that the keywords are used correctly in order to for them to take the full effect.

You can easily use keywords in anchor text that leads visitors to other web pages or to other sections on a page. This will help to improve the effectiveness of the keyword and can even help to improve the ranking of the other pages.

You should also know how important the navigation bar is. Most webmasters do not give this a second thought but the fact is, this is another way to improve your page rank. You should use text links at the bottom that have keywords in them. Sometimes navigations bars use images. It is also a good ides to add text links underneath these images.

You can also take advantage of the images on the navigation bar and the pictures on your other pages by adding keywords to the alternative text descriptions. Search engines will pick up on these quickly.

Be Accurate: Relevant Keywords

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. That means that you will need to make sure that they keywords that you use are relevant to your website. In addition to being relevant to your website, you need to use keywords that internet users will actually search for.

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About the Author
Seomul Evans is a SEO services consultant with a leading US based SEO Articles copywriter specializing in Natural SEO.

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