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Organic Search Engine Optimization

Author: Dave Johnson

Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has nothing to do with going green. The term merely refers to the manual type of page optimization in contrast to the automatic submittal and page alteration. In fact, most people consider Organic SEO to be a term that best describes the free, algorithm-driven results of any particular search engine. However, to any sophisticated search engine optimization company or expert, the term organic is not limited to what shows up in the natural search engine results but also includes the methodologies used to achieve such rankings. The organic is also in sync with the thought that a good website does have the characteristics of a living organism, that it builds upon itself, that it learns the means of adaptation for its own benefit, and that it tries to establish itself at the top of the search engine results much like the food-chain. Once this Organic SEO begins to thrive and assert its existence, the artificial machines are rendered quite useless. It may be pointed out that search engine users tend to trust organic results more than the paid ones and are therefore more likely to click and convert to them. This despite the fact that the sponsored listing may be higher placed by virtue of the bought space.

Organic SEO are not spared with the myths that surround them, mostly due to the cause and effect of misinformation. Let us list some facts for reference.

* It does not necessitate that you submit the URL. The practice has been disbanded for quite some years now.

* You do not need a Google Sitemap for set-up, and do not be under any notion that it would facilitate a better ranking.

* Some of the highest ranking sites have not been touched for years. So if you plan to frequently update your pages, think twice.

* Some believe that by adding Google AdWords or placing PPC Ads, their ranking will either go up, or come down. Neither will happen.

* Google guidelines are best if read as guidelines, and your site will not be banned provided you do not stray outside the confines of the search engine regulations.

* It is virtually impossible to determine paid site links, and then to banish them from the search profile. Though Google does lay stress on this, and if the paid-link factor is confirmed, at the most they will discount you from the ranking, and not de-list your site. * The H1or any header tag on your design will not make any difference where ranking is concerned. Place it only if the design needs it, and not for the search spider.

* The Meta keyword tag is ignored by Google, so no point using it.

* Try to optimize what you need to convey within 250 words with the keyword phrase like for example here it will be Organic SEO.

* Avoid long-tail keywords. Not many will be searching for those.

Before we wind this session, do ensure that you personally test as many times and on as many sites. Also keep in mind that for organic SEO, there are other factors involved.

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