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Link Building – the Mainstay of Boosting Organic Search Engine Results

Author: Maneet Puri

The process of search engine optimization basically revolves around three important factors - code, content and incoming links. These are three different pieces of the SEO puzzle; if any one of them is missing then your organic SEO effort might not earn you as much success as you plan to get. More importantly, the search engine results of your website will take a sever beating which in turn will affect the volume of traffic to your website. Hence, knowing the nitty-gritty of each one of these factors helps. However, we are going to talk only about the link building that is critical to the organic search engine ranking process.

Link building is a process of getting incoming or inbound links to your website. It plays a great role in deciding the link popularity of your web sites to rank higher in the SERP of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, and MSN. In fact, links are taken as a major variable by all search engines while deciding the algorithms among all the other factors. Let’s take a look at the incoming link variables that search engine algorithms consider seriously. Let’s take a look:

Number of Links

Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask consider the incoming or inbound links to a great extent. Hence, when it comes to the volume of incoming links, the more the merrier. Usually, inbound links are the links that you get from other sites pointing toward your site. Each link is considered as a vote of support that your site wins from other sites. Typically, Google has a PageRank tool that which take the number of links to your webpages for assigning a specific PageRank to the webpages of your website. Therefore, it is important to have a lot of incoming links so that your webpages win a great deal of credibility among the search engines.

Quality/Origin of the Links

Links are important parts of organic search engine ranking; however, among all the links that your site achieve may not have the same degree of quality. Search engines consider the quality of the links while deciding the link popularity of any website. Usually, sites that have higher volume of quality links tend to achieve better search engine positioning that others.

Relevancy of the Links

Quality of incoming links and relevancy of the links are intertwined and critical components of organic search engine optimization. Relevancy factor is the crux of the link popularity mechanism and search engines gauge this factor explicitly. Ideally, if your site has achieved some of the inbound links from other relevant sites especially, relevant pages, they carry more weightage than the ones that don’t. Relevancy primarily is decided on the basis of the similarity of theme of two website. For instance, if two websites are related to online dating and have inbound links from each other from the pages that are optimized on similar keywords or keyword phrases, they those inbound links carry a very good weightage and search engine algorithms will treat them as quality incoming links.

Anchor Text within the Links

Quality of inbound links is also decided on the basis of the Anchor Text of the incoming links. Basically, the anchor text of your incoming links must be optimized in such a way that search engines would know that they are extremely relevant to the pages they are linked to. Search engines emphasize on this factor taking into the visitors into consideration. For instance, if your anchor text is misleading or doesn’t properly explain its relevancy with the pages it is linked with, it will lose its value significantly even when it scores high on the relevancy scale. Hence, optimization of anchor text should be one of the most important considerations for ranking high in the organic search engine optimization.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/

About the Author

Maneet Puri heads LeXolution IT Services (LIT), a renowned Outsourcing web and Offshore KPO solution provider in India. He is an expert of web based applications which include web design, web development, website maintenance services, offshore web designing and development in India. He has efficiently handled many off-shore projects related to web design, web development for his overseas clients. If you want more information on web application services offered by LIT, visit www.lexolutionit.com or visit the blog http://all-that-web-demands.blogspot.com.

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