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How Far Should We Continue Search Engine Optimization?

Author: Site Booster

You're reading this blog post now, because you want to gain fantastic organic SEO results. You'd say, "Obviously, this is something that everybody wants!" No doubt about it! Have you ever wondered what you're going to do when you get those fantastic SEO results you're looking for? This is some food for thought so that we realize what search engine optimization is and how it should be conducted.

Just think about it. You do on-page SEO, off-page SEO, you blog, you comment, you increase search engine ranking and boost search engine visibility. What will you do when you get great SEO results?
What Does Organic SEO Results Mean to Your Business?

I don't want you to provide general answers like organic search engine optimization results help us get found easily and receive targeted traffic and so on. These are the general outcome every successful SEO campaign produces. I want you to think about the burdens you'll be free of, etc.

Every business owner has set goals in her/his vision. You've certainly drawn a picture in you mind of the day when the right people find you on the web through search engines and take the actions you've been waiting for. I want you to think about the works you'd like to do then. Make a list of them and see what they are.

Your Dream Business Begins

Now that you get targeted traffic to the pages of your site, your visitors go through the path you've planned for them, take action as you've wanted and place their orders as expected, how do you feel? Isn't this amazing?!

Search engine optimization at this stage gets really sweet. People fill in the forms, place orders, send you emails and ask for what you've got to offer. They've got the same mindset you've been waiting for. You ask why? Because you've communicated with search engines as below:

Dear search engines, please send me the visitors who search for these terms, because the people who find me through such key phrases are those who are really in search for my products, services or information.

OK. Now, they're here at your site and your dreams have come true. Congratulations!

What Should Be Done Next?

It's now time to harvest the crops. The fruit is ripe. Your customers, are at your desk. You know what you're going to do next. Give them what they're here for and give them the best. Are you prepared? Good! It feels good, really good.

Here's the question now:

O What did you want SEO results for? The answer is crystal clear: for business!

Here's the main question:
How do you plan to keep those results?

If the answer is to continue search engine optimization efforts, will you think of SEO as a technique worth doing?

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