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An Overview on Search Engine Optimization

Author: Nivea David

Search engine optimization is the process of improving and placing your website in the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. It increases the accessibility of your website and improves the amount of clients who see and visit it. It’s a great way to assist in your business growth.

Search engine optimization improves your website position in the search engines on the basis of identification by keywords and phrases that people use to search services and products. Some people clicks on the paid ads on the top or side when use a search engine but a rational user will always use the organic search to find a particular product or company.

Search engine placement can do wonders for your website. A better search engine ranking means better enquiries, better leads and in return better business. In just a short time it will be amazing for you to see the increased traffic. Thus is a way of placing your website in the top of all popular search engines.

Way of search engine optimization consists of web promotion activities. Describe the keywords that best describes your business, services and products. Always pick the right keywords that describe your product and are used by maximum people to search your product. Test the keywords of your page defined by you by searching it on various search engines and do the necessary modifications if necessary according to your requirement and competition. Also make your website content rich in keywords. Only keyword rich content is searched by search engines. This creates good ranking of your website in the search engines. Use the keywords and phrases in title and Meta tags of your web pages also. Submit your website to major search engine and directories. This will make your website familiar to search engines and your website will be easily searchable for a relevant keyword.

There are two types of search engine optimization on page and off page.

On page optimization includes that include main keyword in your title and description and keyword tags on your website. Do not stuff your keyword tag with any other keywords. Use keywords phrases naturally in the content of the webpage at least once in the first paragraph and last paragraph. Bold and italicize your keyword at least once in the heading tags. On page techniques are important for natural and organic search results. Thus on page techniques are used on the webpage itself to let the search engines know the purpose and keywords of the website.

Off page techniques include directory submissions, article submissions, link exchange, blogs, forums etc. This helps in increasing your quality back links and thus more inbounds links for your website. Search engines gives preference to websites which has more back links. This increases the possibility of websites ranking high in search engines.

Thus search engine optimization is a way to improve your website and get the most out of it. Its aim is customizing your website with the goal of improving ranking in the top of search engines on the basis of certain keywords. The people searching for a particular business can find you easily when you customize your website in order to put it on the top and front.

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Nivea David writes articles for SEO. She has vast exposure in writing for Search Engine marketing. She is working for NDDW. For Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimization visit www.nddw.com

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