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Search Engine Optimization Website Promotion

Author: Prakhar Singhal

Ready to see your website on top search engine returned pages? Introducing...Search Engine Optimization Website promotion (SEO).


Before we start, Do an exercise- type "Click here" keyword in Google and see the 1st page that pops up. You'll find Adobe Reader within the top 5 positions, now go to their website and try searching for "Click here" on the whole website..

What do you see? Is there even a single instance where they mentioned "Click here" on the entire webpage? Amazed? Want to know the secret?

Just stay connected and you will get it!

Before moving on, for those of you who don't know, when we type a particular keyword in Google search box, it shows us two kinds of results;

A). Organic Search results - that essentially depends on how important and useful Google thinks that site is for the keyword typed in. (This is based on certain factors discussed later).

B). Sponsored Results - These are the ads provided by the users.

Now, let me present to you some stats that will give you an idea of the power of SEO; The traffic that the second search result gets is around 20% lower than the first search result. The biggest fall percentage wise is going from search result 10 to 11(moving to second SERP). It sees 150% fall in traffic! 77% of users prefer Organic results over sponsored results while searching and around 67% users prefer Organic search results while purchasing. 50% of SEO campaign saw around 500% ROI, while just 22% of the paid campaigns were able to achieve this figure.

What say? Now suddenly SEO seems important to you, doesn't it?

There are around 200 factors that can affect your rankings in SERP with Google changing its algorithm like 300-400 times a year. It changed around 500 times in 2009! However the most important factors are as summarized below;

Content Creation: This is the most important factor affecting your search visibility. Google is now giving more importance than ever to your contents. With growing sophistication level of Google search algorithms, (mark it, italicize it, underline it); Content creation is most important factor for any increment in your search visibility.

Your content should be unique and original. Plagiarism is highly penalized by Google.

Keyword Optimization: As the video explains that Google carries on a search for the keywords typed in, the results shown are in order of how your website appears to be relevant to Google for that particular keyword. Remember you are competing with millions of other similar WebPages, so to appear among the top results, you should display the importance of that keyword to your website. How to do this? Simple.

-The keyword density should be optimal around 15-20% for 200-300 words. However DO NOT stuff your content with keywords or Google will mark it as spam. -Underline, Italicize, bold your main keywords from which you hope to be found. -If you upload an image make sure that it should be named as one of your keywords. -The spiders start analyzing the pages from top leftmost word so it is always a good idea to start off with your main keyword. -Choose the keywords carefully don't just go based on number of search per unit time but do consider the competition involved with the keyword. You can do keyword research on Google AdWords Keyword Tool. (It's free!). -Use your keyword as your Anchor text. -Add meta tags (meta tags actually appear as snippets on the SERP - refer the 1st figure).

Site Architecture: Recently Google launched a search algorithm known as Caffine. It has improved the search speed manifolds plus now Google lays more emphasis on each and every Webpage of a particular website. So, each page of your website should be well optimized, should be linked with one another and most essentially with pages getting highest amount of traffic.

Thus if you have a page getting high traffic, don't just rely on that, optimize each and every page of your website. It becomes more important if you are an ecommerce website, while advertising a manufacturers' product you should modify it so that it appears unique, as amazon is doing. It used to put the exact ad on its deep buried down pages and used to draw a huge traffic to its landing page (Landing page is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement.) but now it has not only started to optimize each and every page but also changes the content as already stated; Plagiarism is highly penalized.

Link Building: This is another very important factor; remember I talked about Adobe getting a high rank in SERP for the keyword "Click here" even when it doesn't use the word even a single time on their entire webpage. Well, here's the reason; you must have seen many a times, to read a particular file or to view certain video you need to install Adobe reader or player respectively, the website specifically mentions "To download Click here" and this happens in most of the websites having high page ranks and search visibility themselves, what happens is that they actually link to Adobe through the Anchor text "Click here".

So, your search visibility depends on the importance of the sites that links you. When a website links you, Google considers it to cast a vote in your favor, greater the importance of the site and greater the number of votes you get, more credible is your website to Google and hence your search visibility increases. WebPages linking to the websites linking you directly also have an impact on your search visibility. Moreover, you should always link the pages of your website with one another.

This was all about SEO, hope you enjoyed it.

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Prakhar Singhal


Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur.

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