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What's Next For Search Engine Optimization

Author: Varun M

Certain industry experts are of the opinion that SEO is dead but that's not the reality, SEO is very much alive and growing. If marketers are wondering that what's in store with SEO, then one thing that has become an integral and the most important part of SEO is Universal search. With the advent of Universal search, normal organic listings are pushed down in the SERPs which is posing a great threat to the businesses listed within the organic results. Universal search is a perfect blend of new, real time posts, images and text results which defines the success of search engine marketing practices. Through such advanced SEO operations and Universal search, audience can come across a richer experience rather than a mere site visit. Since it is a new concept, it comes with many risks including local business hijacking and spamming. After introducing the new data sources, the business rankings on search engines are expected to come down, so the companies must be prepared to face reduced results from Universal search engine marketing.

Google Local listings have gained a huge prominence and marketers need to put more attention into it. Universal search will be of great help in streamlining local search which can be a great deal for the businesses. It is extremely important to add new elements in search engine optimization including short video, blog or press release about a product. This holistic approach to Universal search must be followed by the marketers in order to use this approach smartly for the websites. This unique tool called Universal search has outgrown the traditional search method and trough this users can find best answer to all their search queries. Through universal search, Google promises two important things like comparative ranking and the blending.

This new art of optimizing images, news, video and blogs has created a buzz everywhere around in the field of SEO. Through this different form of optimization, businesses can get listed in multiple languages and it is quiet easy to upload the data in different languages. With the increasing trend of universal search, there is a lot of speculation as to whether Google is doing away with organic results or not but it has been seen that Google will easily monetize the Local results and this will enhance the user experience. The new SEO processes need to be added in the workflow and off page optimization is another challenge for the marketers and this change will take SEO to a different height altogether. This optimization includes social media and this further leads to link building. Marketers can come up with viral campaigns through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

All the changes in the field of SEO have also changed the recruitment procedures in the business organizations. SEO experts need to match up to the skills required for universal search. Now people should have both social media skills and technical skills to enhance the SEO operations of any website. Universal search or blended search will definitely change the SEO scene globally and is here to stay.

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About the Author

Varun M is a well known name in the domain of SEO copy writing, content creation and development. An expert in SEO writing, she has been a regular article contributor to various international online media forums. Her articles and opinion have been widely accepted as the point of reference on the respective subject matter.

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