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Search Engine Optimization Services

Author: Fred Meek

Search Engine Optimization Services If you are looking for higher search engine rankings on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Goggle, then you need to do search engine optimization.

This all starts with developing a strategy, a strategy that brings together the major elements that are important to search engines. Search engines have one function, they want to deliver the most relevant websites to the searcher. They can only do this if you provide them the structure and information they need.

Onsite SEO Optimization

For many of our clients this type of optimization alone improves their rankings and makes their site "search engine friendly." You have to remember - Search engines can only read what you write. They will change there algorithms periodically and update page ranks as scheduled, but if your website is not optimized properly your site will just not rank well.

This is where we can help. We will analyze your URL structure, headers, titles, tags, keyword density and a lot more. If all this sounds overbearing, stop worrying, this is what we do best for our clients. Consider this a website "tune-up." These are the elements that search engines look at and will dramatically improve your rankings if optimized properly. Once we have tuned up the so called Under the Hood elements we then must look at onsite linking.

This is another way to help search engines navigate and find pages you want to rank for. This is also a great help to your visitors in finding information they are looking for. Compare this to a map, if you are looking for a way from point A to B you need signs to guide you. Onsite linking does the same for your visitors, these links will guide them to the information they want. Don't forget this also helps you guide a visitor to areas of your website you want them to see too.

Keyword Research

Doing the right SEO keyword research is paramount to a successful campaign. As in any SEO optimization plan getting your website in front of potential customers is the difference between success and failure. Our team will conduct a complete analysis of your keyword structure and develop a plan that will improve keyword rankings. This includes anchor text suitability, off site linking profile, keyword density and tag placements.

Reports are generated periodically to show the progress in keyword rankings, and of course this is an ongoing process because other websites are competing for first page rankings too. SEO professionals know the value of top search engine rankings, we can help you achieve those coveted rankings.

Conversion Optimization

What good is it to get all this targeted traffic if your website doesn't convert this traffic into sales? This is what conversion optimization is all about. Once we gather data on your traffic flow and do a conversion analysis, we can then make changes to improve conversion rates.

Making improvements to ad placements, text copy and a few other elements can greatly improve your sales conversions. As you can see each phase of our SEO optimization service is interlinked with each other. If you have a well optimized website, but you are ranking for the wrong keywords, your success will be limited. If you have a good keyword list, but the search engines have trouble reading your site, then the problems still exist.

All these elements must fit together, this is where a well organized SEO optimization plan comes into play. This is the challenge you face to out rank and sell your competition.

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About the Author

Fred Meek is a professional search engine consultant in Austin Texas. For more information on Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization Services.

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