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Search Engine Optimization - 10 points to look into

Author: Infoway LLC

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important parts of website development. There are thousands of companies who work on SEO. But we should remember that SEO is not an isolated work or procedure in the website development. Optimization relates with design, coding and programming. It is found that a web design or web development company is offering search engine optimization service. It is of no harm. What should be given highest priority is the optimization process of an SEO expert or web development company.

There are hundreds of expert comments available about search engine optimization dos and don'ts. Here in this piece of writing I am going to uphold ten major points that a web development company should take care of when offering its clients search engine optimization service.

The moment the question of domain registration arises, the search engine optimization process gets its beginning and leads to the future success of a website. If for any reason irrelevant domain name is purchased against the nature of the website, the difficulty of optimization starts.

A friendly design or layout is what an SEO process demands. Many a times the designers don't work keeping SEO factors in mind. A customer may hire separate design or web development company but the layout should be developed according to search engine optimization tips and tricks.

Use of flash application only for making the site catchy to the eyes of the visitors has little sense. Many a web development company influences customers to use flash effects or some java effects to make money only. But SEOs should be consulted in applying these effects.

The coding plays a vital role in search engine optimization. Coding has high priority in on-page SEO. From ‘title tag' to ‘body tag' an SEO expert has to do a lot. Say, div based coding works better than table based coding. So if a web development company is not working hand in hand with SEO persons, the website will never get expected result.

Niche keyword research is crucial in search engine optimization. Whether the optimization is done by a SEO specialist or a reputed web development company, keyword research makes huge difference in performance. The niche keywords and other tactics are vital.

Do not act like Lucifer or you yourself will be confined in the hell. The tendency of piracy will have adverse effect. Content development has priority in search engine optimization. With unique content you get the chance to impress and express your thought to the visitors.

The programming of the websites does have some effect on optimization. There are some factors like optimized URLs that the programming must support. Junk codes and some programming errors prove deadly against the ranking of the website.

Proper social marketing is necessary. Sometimes for lack of experience SEOs cannot properly use the social marketing as immense useful tool. A web development company must take it seriously. Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace Twitter and social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIN hold immense potential for success of a website if used in proper direction.

Link exchange or trading is another part of off-page optimization. In exchanging links the experience is too much crucial. Wrong link exchange process of websites can get worse effect.

Black hat search engine optimization for quick success is something one customer should never be influenced to implement by any web development company. If for this process the website is caught red handed, the site gets banned for life time.

Above points always come in consideration when optimization comes in play for success of a website. Many times the web development company does not take care of all the above factors together. That's why websites lag behind. So it does matter to think seriously on the above points, when a web development company takes responsibility to provide a website top page rank both through organic and inorganic search.

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Webmaster Paul is an expert writer for http://www.infoway.us/, an US based web development company.

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