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The Buzzword of Success: Search Engine Optimization

Author: Alan Lim

Today every online entrepreneur struggles to be within the first ten rankings of a search engine result. If the search engine is one of the more popular ones, then the competition is fiercer. By using search engine optimization organizations can jumpstart traffic to their site, get noticed and ranked better in search engines.

Keywords and their importance

Keywords are the magic words that attract traffic to your site. Basically when a user searches for something on the Internet, they use certain phrases and words in conjunction. If you site has these phrases, you stand a good chance at being ranked well on search engines. Keywords play a crucial role as far as search engine optimization efforts go. Many companies pay top dollar to find out which keywords are the most popular.

Keyword research

Keyword research is a specialized field of study which is carried out by third party providers. Most Fortune 500 companies regularly shell out large sums of money to find out which are the most common keywords being used. The success of search engine optimization heavily depends on the correct usage of keywords. By using more exact matches (where the keywords are more closely related to what is being searched for), a website has better chances at being ranked in the top ten.

How to optimize a site

Most of the time, it is the title and Meta tags on a website which need to have the correct usage of keywords. Only this will guarantee that search engine optimization will work properly on the site. Even the website content needs to have well-spaced, distributed keywords so as to attract more visitors to the page.


Many service providers will offer manual submission to search engines as part of their search engine optimization services. This means that they will manually submit your website link and information to all the popular search engines. If the search engines find the relevant keywords on your site they will automatically place you better.

Why is page ranking important?
Page ranking is crucial to a website’s success. Statistics show that most people will not visit any page after the first ten results, except in rare situations where the information has not been found. Thus search engine optimization is all about getting your website ranked within the first ten results.

Link building

A popular way to achieve search engine optimization is through building more links. Most of today’s search engines determine page ranking based on the number of links on your site. Literally, it is a question of quantity. The more links your site has, the better your chances at being ranked. In fact most search engines today use spiders or robots to constantly crawl other sites. Once they find relevant keywords, they automatically index the site and place it on their results. Thus search engine optimization is largely dependent on the successful usage of links.

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