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Why You Should Focus on Natural Search Engine Optimization

Author: Hasse Andre Johnsgaard

When it comes to SEO, many people talk about black hat strategies and other ways to manipulate their search engine positions. There is also a great deal of advice about optimizing your site to the smallest detail in order to outrank competitors. If you want long term results you should stick to the fundamentals and focus on natural search engine optimization.

There has been a lot of talk in forums and blogs about how the search engines are changing their algorithm but this is nothing new, as new changes are always being made. You have to stick to delivering value to your users if you want lasting success.

The Search Engines Are Looking for Quality Sites

Google and the other search engines are now rewarding sites that are focused upon producing quality content. There have been many changes in the way long tail keywords are ranked due to Internet marketers focusing on optimizing for these keywords without putting quality first.

When you go out to start your SEO campaign, focus on quality content, a well-designed site, and well structured matrix that search engine spiders can index. Don't take shortcuts by putting up poorly written content in order to optimize for a keyword. Deliver value for your visitors and help them find what they are looking for.

Using Social Media as Part of Your SEO Strategy

While the SEO effect of social media is still somewhat undetermined, setting up a profile on social networking sites will help you get more traffic. In some cases, you can set up pages in a web 2.0 site like Squidoo and start ranking for the keywords you're promoting.

The Squidoo page can be used to direct traffic to your main site. While this social media strategy is not a direct way to get traffic, it helps you get more exposure for your business and allows you to leverage off of sites that have been deemed an authority in the eyes of the search engines.

Natural Search Engine Optimization Focuses on Quality Links

With natural search engine optimization, the focus should be on quality links rather than quantity. There are plenty of examples where sites which possess a considerably smaller number of links are ranking higher than other sites which have thousands. This results from a focus on better quality links. Try to get one-way links from link bait campaigns, submit your site to quality directories, and make sure that you only try to get links from sites with topics that are related to yours.

Also try to build your site out naturally by slowly increasing your link building campaign over time. Don't try to submit your site to a thousand directories at once if you have just launched your site. Set a plan and grow your link campaign as the months go by.

All in all, search engine optimization offers many benefits for business owners. Because it does take some time to start seeing results, marketers are inclined to look for shortcuts. Natural search engine optimization will ensure that you get the results you're looking and also secure your rankings even if the search engines change their algorithm.

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