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Search Engine Optimized Shopping Cart

Author: Business Venture Solutions

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In this article, we are going to discuss the usage of a search engine optimized shopping cart. If you have already built your ecommerce platform that you may not have a need for this article as chances are that the shopping cart that you are using features search engine optimization features that are assisting your in developing organic traffic to your website. If you have not yet developed your ecommerce platform then you may want to look into using a search engine optimized shopping cart as it relates to your ecommerce SEO activities.

One of the best products out there (that is free) is the WordPress program that features a number of plugins that allow you to have a more effective method of managing your ecommerce SEO campaigns. For many people, WordPress is used simply as a tool for blog writing or article content development. However, with its ease of use, many computer programmers have developed programs that allow you to use WordPress as a base for your ecommerce website. Additionally, by using the content management system provided by WordPress you can effectively have other programs that will manage your new product listings, introduction of new website content, and other functions that will further drive people to your website through organic search engine rankings.

Part of an appropriately developed search engine optimized cart is that it will automatically create static pages that showcase your product to the general public and the major search engines. Dynamic pages (web pages that are created automatically when content is requested) often do not index as well as static HTML pages. In time, this is expected to change as search engine algorithms become more complex and are able to better understand the nature of dynamically created pages. As such, you want to make sure that you search engine optimized shopping cart will effectively provide this functionality as part of your overall ecommerce SEO campaign. As we have discussed previous, an appropriately developed website is the first key to maintaining a search engine optimization campaign that will make sure that your site provides the highest level of functionality for your users while concurrently informing the major search engines about the new content and products that you provide through your ecommerce portal.

One of the most important features of having a well developed website is to make sure that every static page that is developed for content production or to showcase an ecommerce product is that the page links back to the home page of your website. In regards to PageRank (which we will discuss in a future article), this can immediately provide you with a strong boost as it relates to the expansion of your ecommerce SEO campaigns. Internal links are an extremely important part of your website and if you decide to purchase a search engine optimized shopping cart then this functionality should also be included in the package. Typically, if you decide to buy a prepackaged shopping cart you can expect to pay $100 to over $1,000 for this system. Typically, the pricing of the search engine optimized shopping cart is commensurate with its quality. If you are a serious web entrepreneur that is seeking to develop an expansive ecommerce website then it may be in your best interest to acquire a shopping cart that is more expensive and features more capabilities then its less expensive counterpart. This is primarily due to the fact that a search engine optimized shopping cart will provide all of the appropriate functionality so that your site can be quickly found, spidered, and indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

One of the things that we will continue to discuss through additional postings if your ability to continually create new content through your ecommerce portal so that users have a tremendous amount of information available to them for not only the products that you sell, but also information pertaining to trends within your industry. It should be noted that many shopping carts now feature capabilities that allow you to seamlessly provide blog postings and articles within your ecommerce platform. When you are in the market for a search engine optimized shopping cart, you should make sure that the ability to upload content that is not related to products is one of the primary features available to you. Again, as part of your overall ecommerce SEO plan and campaign you are going to need to frequently post information on your website so that you can maintain your organic search engine rankings over a longer period of time. You can now see why making a more expensive investment regarding the type of shopping cart software that you use on your ecommerce platform can drastically increase sales (over a period of time) while concurrently making it easier for you to provide new content for your users.

Prior to purchasing a search engine optimized shopping cart, you should speak to a customer representative from the company that you intend to do business with in regards to ensuring that all of the functionality that you need to complete your ecommerce SEO campaign as it relates to your website is included in the package. Additionally, if you intend to work with a web developer in regards to development of your website – you should make sure that they use either a customized shopping cart or an off the shelf system that provides you with the functions that we described above. If the web developer intends to use an off the shelf program, you should inquire to which program they intend to use and whether or not it can be classified as a search engine optimized shopping cart.

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