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5 reasons why you should put your efforts in Social Media Optimization along with SEO

Author: shane

Today we all know what Social Media’s are. We all know MySpace, Facebook, Digg, Youtube, Twitter, etc. and we are simply loving them! Blogs, social networks, social bookmarking, social websites are some of the categories that come under this broad term called “social media”, and any potential methods used to optimize these in the best possible manner for your online business is called Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Social media has an edge over SEO in a sense that social media
focuses your marketing towards your target audience and search engine optimization focuses your marketing towards the search engines. In short, SEO is about building rankings while SMO is about building communities.

As a general web user, you must not be interested in business uses of social media and you need not to know them too! But as a website owner, you may be missing out on a pretty good chance if not utilizing social media to get yourself maximum exposure. Here are five reasons why you need to put some serious thought in social media optimization:

Broad Audience: No matter what the nature or size of your business, you’ll get your audience right on target! Social media space is taken up by at least 80% of the web users, this is quite a considerable amount and your target audience will surely be among them.

Low Costs: The best thing about utilizing social media is its low costs, especially when the subscription is totally free! You are exposed to your relevant market at absolutely no price! What more can a person expect? Moreover, you can send one message to thousands of people with a single click, way convenient than traditional means of advertising—which is both expensive and time consuming.

Constant Growth: With each passing year social media is expanding the opportunities available for its users. It’s undergoing constant evolution, and the best thing would be to climb the ladder now before it’s too late and you get left behind…as it’s easy to understand
something step by step then it is to understand as a bulk.

Link Building: Every single profile created will add to your benefit and work as a backlink to your website. This may improve your link building, ultimately causing an increase in your link popularity and visitors.

Competitive Edge: Perhaps your competitors are also there, and your existence will be a good chance for you to fight back and beat them. Even if your competitors are not wise enough to use the platform, you’ll get an edge over them by doing so.

Hopefully these points will pull the trigger and make you consider marketing your website instantly with social media optimization. Try adopting the latest trends and this will help you achieve your business goals more easily and effectively.

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